Romantic sterling silver rose flowers bracelet

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Sterling silver rose flower bracelet features delightful calyces of roses that create a romantic, premium quality silver jewelry, inspired by the best romance poetry.

  • rose flower diameter 21 x 23 x 9 mm;
  • excellent for special occasions.
Approx. weight 18.74 g
Jewelry Themes Floral, romantic
Length 190 mm
Material Electroforming, polished sterling silver
Shape Convexed, flower, relief

Meaning of sterling silver rose

All of us have dreamed about perfect love just like in fairytales. A good piece of jewelry can bring your dreams to life, and this is exactly the case with this sterling silver rose bracelet.

Roses in many cultures of the world symbolize affection, romance, and genuine love. A sterling silver rose is a combination of two symbols that add up to a new meaning - a romantic bond that cannot be broken.

You can present your significant other with this meaningful adornment to display your deep feelings. Alternatively, if you are still in search of the love of your life, a sterling silver rose bracelet will help you find your valentine and build a healthy relationship.

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