Coral stud earrings for women

Welcome to our collection of amazing coral stud earrings. Highly polished 925 sterling silver earrings are accompanied by the corals of various shapes - disc, paisley curved triangles, etc., to create an exquisite jewelry that adds a personal note and stands out with vivid natural color.  

Explore different shapes and lenght of coral stud earrings and choose the one that adds elegance and embelishes your look the best way. Stud coral earrings are really a great choise for women of all ages, all lifestyles and characters.

Pink and red corals match any sole colored rings – silver, gold, wooden or resin. It’s better if the ring would have something in common with the earrings such as shape or style. If you wish to wear a necklace with you coral earrings make sure they match in size and that the necklace is a sole colored simple one. If the earrings are middle size or more try to avoid any pendants on the necklace. With elegant coral stud earrings a small pendant would be fine, just make sure it is plain silver or gold. The same with the bracelets – only simple, matching in size, shape and sole colored items. It is not recommended to wear corals with other colored gemstones, pearls or crystals. It is also not recommended to wear the whole coral kit all at the same time – earrings plus ring plus bracelet. If this is something elegant and simple the combination of the coral ring and coral earrings might be fine - or the ring and the pendant. Otherwise save those items for later. Coral and silver is a perfect match – precious shiny metal accentuates the softness and warmness of natural coral. It is not quite common though to use gold and coral but it could be a great combination too.

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