Sterling silver gemstone stud earrings

Gemstone stud earrings online

Hallmarked 925 sterling silver stud earrings with different gemstones brings forth jewelry of ravishing beauty and precious appearance.The contrast of the bright shiny silver compliments the gemstones and emphasizes their colors more than any other precious metals, because polished silver is neutral and rather reflects the gemstone in its beveled edges of the setting than it is interfering with the gemstone's colors. 

Gemstone stud earrings offered at our website are ranging in color and materials as well as in form and shape. First, you need to make up you mind which type would you like - stud or drop earrings. While both are elegant, drop earrings with add a finishing touch to the attire you have chosen for a festive event. Considering the gemstones, we are happy to provide you with elegant and more vintage styled black agate earrings, modern looking and fashionable hydro quartz or several colors to better outline your outfit color. There are also yellow citrin earrings giving a romantic feel and that are greatly appealing to younger generation. Splendid cubic zirconia or vintage amethyst will suit you in various occasions.

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