Flower Jewelry Collection

From time immemorial, nature has inspired man. Whether it`s the incredible sunsets, the beautiful singing of birds, or a simple flower that pleases the eye - people drew energy from it. Since the 16th-century flowers have been given special attention. And through the centuries people still honor the memory of happy and sad events with flowers. But flowers in nature don`t exist for a long time. That is why the jewelers interpreted and immortalized these floral motifs in pieces of jewelry. In the magic world of jewelry, flowers symbolize youth, fresh energy, and eternal beauty.

The fashion for wearing naturalistic jewelry has come to us since the 19th century. In their first works with floral sketches, jewelers used both single flowers and sets of flowers decorated with luxurious diamonds.

Among the most popular types of flowers lilies and lotus flowers stand out on the jewelry field. A lily flower symbolizes power, honor, soul, and body purity. And lotus flowers carry a meaning of sacredness and spirituality.

These and many other jewelry flower motives you can find in our collections. Whether you like the energetic coral flowers or romantic roses, you can find a special gift for you and your dearest.