Leaf Jewelry Collection

It would seem that it is impossible to turn a simple leaf into a work of art. But for the world of jewelry, even a leaf inspires and helps to create unforgettable pieces of beauty.

Different nations honor the leaves of trees in different ways. For example, in China, people represent leaves like all living things on Earth. Therefore, it is believed that the main value of jewelry made of leaves gives its owner youth, power, and fertility.

Every kind of leaf has its special meaning:

  • Olive leaves symbolize kindness and peace;
  • Leaves from oak carry a meaning of power and courage;
  • Laurel leaves endow the owner with honor and victory, as it was in ancient Greece;
  • Leaves of grapes make the wearer free and wealthy.

Our diverse choice of leaf jewelry makes the jewelry lovers very lucky as everyone can find his special leaf of inspiration.