Natural shell rings

Shell is highly in fashion - always was and will always be. Sterling silver shell rings are of exceptional beauty even when simple and radiate a good portion of extravagance. Shell jewelry is versatile and can compliment almost any outfit if choosing an appropriate color scheme.

The creamy white mother of pearl rings made of natural pearl and polished hallmarked 925 sterling silver could be worn even with a wedding dress while looking enchanting and rich. The Paua shell rings crafted with Paua shell are admired because they are excitingly colorful, striking and these rings never go unnoticed. Match it to the the colors or your outfit and you are good to go. We also introduce the spider shells with the wonderful fractal patterns sliced in pieces and embedded in resin for an enhanced durability. Shells make jewelry unique in a very intriguing way. You will probably find similar patterns - but there is no second ring like the one the woman is slipping on her finger. 

Our store offers you a variety of premium quality silver shell rings of unique designs. We are glad to provide you with best prices. Please also note, that our international shipping is always free for all orders.