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Animal-Inspired Jewelry Collection

Gemstone Bead Bracelet with Casted Silver Butterfly Bead by BeYindi
32.18 USD

The human relationship with animals has a very long history. During the Stone Age, animal jewelry has been carved out of stone and later the tombs of ancient Egyptians have been filled with golden animal-inspired jewelry. All this ancient traditions and the enduring human connection with animals gave birth to the diversity of animal symbolism we observe today:

  • Butterflies represent transformation;
  • Dogs represent loyalty and true friendship;
  • Swans represent life-long love;
  • Horses represent strength and nobelty;
  • The turtle is the oldest symbol of Mother Earth, art of grounding and longevity.

Our animal-inspired jewelry collection consists of pendants, bracelets, and rings with various mammals, birds, insects, and sea creatures. Thus, whether you are looking for jewelry to manifest your love for wildlife or you want to always carry your spirit animal with you, you`ll be able to find the right piece.