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Antique Style Jewelry Collection

The term "antique" describes any piece of jewelry that was handmade by well-trained artists at least 100 years ago. Thus, any jewelry that was created before 1920 is considered antique. Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Nouveau are the most popular styles in antique jewelry.

In our jewelry collection, you would find a variety of antique designs such as chandelier earrings, feather dangle earrings, macrame bracelets, aristocratic-looking pendants, or rings with ornament designs.

You can wear antique jewelry to a bohemian event or use it as an interesting accent in your casual looks. While styling such jewelry it`s worth remembering some important tips:

  • While wearing antique-style jewelry, make sure to choose pieces that have designs of the same epoch;
  • By layering multiple antique necklaces or bracelets together, you`d achieve a more interesting effect than by wearing each piece individually;
  • A combination of gold and pearls would be a great addition to a romantic or casual outfit.