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Balinese Style Jewelry Collection

Bali, known as the island of God, has always been drawing people interested in spirituality, nature, and personal growth. Thus, if you want to have a reminder about your travels around Asia, have a sacral amulet that would keep you safe, or just add some bohemian accent to your look, our Balinese jewelry collection is exactly what you need. Our rings, pendants, and bracelets displays all the diversity of the Balinese culture:

  • The Balinese jewelry is very ornamental as it reflects the appreciation of locals for the nature and abundance of flowering trees;
  • Wood carving is a significant aspect of the local culture which is shown in Balinese jewelry;
  • The whole Balinese culture gives tribute to mother nature, so the local jewelry is made of such materials as resin, natural stones, bones, silver, etc.;
  • Locals believe in the spirits of the island that protect people and make wishes come true. Thus, you would find a large selection of jewelry with animalistic or spiritual elements;
  • Balinese jewelry collections also often contain ocean-related elements such as waves, turtles, or seashells. Such pieces would become a great addition to your beach outfit.