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Dress Code Collection

If you work in a corporate environment where you need to follow a formal dress code, you need to consider certain requirements while choosing the jewelry. Jewelry for such people should be minimalist, elegant, and not overloaded with lots of decorations.

In our Dress Code jewelry collection, you`ll be able to find pieces that would help you express your personality in an elegant and subtle manner. Pearl stud earrings, diamond tennis bracelets, pearl necklaces, diamond solitaire pendants, or eternity rings are only some examples of what can help you elevate your outfit while fitting into the corporate world.

While choosing Dress-Code jewelry, make sure to follow these tips:

  • Choose jewelry made out of expensive materials like gold or silver;
  • Wear elegant stones like diamonds and avoid the colorful crystals;
  • Choose pearls if you want to add a romantic accent;
  • Avoid layering jewelry and wearing too many pieces;
  • Make sure that the jewelry doesn`t attract too much extra attention.
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