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Floral Jewelry Collection

Flora has a very special place in jewelry. Often imitated to the smallest details, flowers in jewelry symbolize youth, beauty, purity, and joy. They also remind that all things, regardless of how beautiful they are, would become subject to decay someday.

In our floral jewelry collection, flowers are made out of silver, gemstone, or made with Murano glass. Such jewelry is often colorful and is best combined with a romantic outfit.

When choosing floral jewelry for yourself or for your loved one, consider the meaning behind it. Throughout the history of mankind, each flower used to have a special meaning and in 1819 the first dictionary of floral meanings has been realized:

  • Daisies symbolize innocence;
  • Rosses symbolize love and passion;
  • Tulips stand for tender declaration of love;
  • Ivy symbolizes fidelity;
  • Blue violets are considered to be a symbol of faithfulness;
  • Chrysanthemum is traditionally considered to be a death flower;
  • Four-leaf clover symbolizes luck.