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Gothic Jewelry Collection

The Gothic movement originated back in the late 1980s and was inspired by the grim aesthetics, Norse mythology, and the gloomy tales of Edgar Allan Poe. Gothic culture respects the dark mood of the Middle Ages, thus its jewelry is full of such symbols as ravens, roses, bones, pentagrams, skulls, skeletons, crosses, the eye of Ra, and much more. These decorations serve as a reminder about the approach of death and emphasize the importance of living every day as if it was the last one.

Whether you want to incorporate the elements of this subculture into your daily style or need dark-aesthetic jewelry for the special occasion, our Gothic jewelry collection is exactly what you need. You would find pendants, bracelets, rings, and earrings of exaggerated shapes created in dim tones and with sharp angles. All pieces in the collection are produced in silver, as this bright precious metal adds up to the gloomy mood of Gothic culture.