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Mood Jewelry Collection

Jewelry can certainly evoke and invoke feelings and as results affect your mood. By adding the right jewelry pieces to your ears, hands, wrists, or neckline you can gain the feeling of confidence, power, joy, or calmness.

Jewelry can have the same effect on the mood as color therapy:

  • Wear jewelry made of gold or with yellow crystals if you want to feel happy and joyful;
  • Wear silver jewelry with green stone as peridot or emerald if you want to stay calm;
  • Choose jewelry with red stones as rube or pink stones as sapphire if you want to empower your confidence;
  • Choose purple stones as Amethyst if you want to forge your creativity.

In our mood-inspired jewelry collection, you`ll be able to find pieces for any occasion and any mood. We have antiqued butterflies, silver drop earrings for situations when you want to feel bohemian, stretch bracelets with turquoise beads for days when you want to be romantic, and double-sided stud earrings for events where you want to be serious and open-minded.

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