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Silver jewelry

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Sterling silver jewelry

Welcome to our online silver jewelry store. BeYindi silver jewelry collection has its own unique and unforgettable style inspired by nature and latest catwalks trends. We combine semi-precious gemstones, freshwater pearls, glass beads of all colors and even wood and shells to present a perfect silver accessory. A beauty of natural balance and contrast of components, colors and shapes together with high quality workmanship create our amazing collection of sterling silver jewelry.

A woman who’s dress is complimented with silver jewelry always looks elegant and exquisitely. Silver jewelry matches any costume and goes together with casual look as well as with business suite or an evening dress.

Grace and beauty of jewelry made of silver complete your look, accentuate your status and show your personal taste.

Where did our silver jewelry come from

All the gemstones we use are mined and cut in the mountains of northern Thailand, the pearls are grown in rivers and the shells come from the Siam bay. We try to follow the fashion trends in sterling silver jewelry but at the same time keep close to the local traditions, add some ethnic flair, pattern or symbol so that our collection would be bright, fresh and exclusive. Almost all our models are handmade – we screw, cut, polish our jewelry by hand and even make hammered or antique effect on it, so even two similar bracelets will look a little bit differently. Also because we use natural gemstones, corals and shells their patterns and colors may vary slightly from one piece of jewelry to another.

What is Beyindi's sterling silver jewelry

Since our silver jewelry is a handmade piece of art, inspired, designed and crafted with love and a smile. Our prices are very affordable but it is not cheap silver jewelry produced and sold in huge quantities. On the contrary our goods are exclusive and unique, you hardly ever find same 925 sterling silver pendant or ring anywhere. We renew our collection every season to match the latest trends in jewelry and support uniqueness of our brand. We sell silver jewelry worldwide uniting beautiful women from all countries. The variety of silver jewelry we offer is amazing. We have silver bracelets – chains, bangles and wraps; rings and toe rings, anklets, earrings – studs, chandeliers, drops, dangles; charms, pendants and beads to create your own jewelry and of course necklaces – chains and silver chokers. If you like our collection order and buy 925 silver gemstone jewelry online and get free shipping worldwide. Make a perfect gift to you or to the one you love. Natural gemstone jewelry is always a right gift.

BeYindi style

Be Yindi – a spirit of freedom, a life style, a passion for being young and happy, a moment of awakening in the morning, when you fill this world up with instant beauty and it does not matter what happened yesterday and what troubles you’re going to meet today. Be Yindi will balance and complete your well-being with spicy accents that give you energy, self-confidence and happiness to live, dream, create and fly. And even a rainy day will become the most colorful day in your life. No matter where you are – on the jump in a big city or in the hammock by the seashore, traveling or enjoying your inner world, you are 15 or 69.

- Just Be Yindi

Travelling in Thailand - land of smiles and beautiful nature - has changed my life. Suddenly I found out that happiness which we all are looking for is right here beside us. It is in small details that we tend not to notice chasing our to do lists - in the wash of the waves, in birds singing, in the light of a sunset, it is everywhere you look around. Every piece of our silver jewelry collection is that little detail that reminds us to be happy every day.