About Us

Hello, I’m Natalie, a founder of Be Yindi.

Travelling around the world I point out some special things about different people in different countries. And one thing that amazes me the most is friendship between people and nature that surrounds them. After visiting over 60 countries I decided to slow down, take a breath and acknowledge the experience. I came back to Thailand – the land of smiles and nature. I realized that I want to come back here again and again. So many things got together in one place, the most important of those are tranquility and happiness. That is the way the Be Yindi was born – which means in Thai language “be happy”. Ever since this moment I’ve had two tasks to complete – how to open and express the Be Yindi style to people who really need it in everyday life, and also how to return thanks to Thailand – a country that welcomed me with opened arms.

I noticed that locals really like to wear natural accessories, like bracelets and amulets. Then I found out that Thailand is a world leader in precious and semi-precious stones cutting and even more than that - Thailand produces lots of kinds of them.

And I decided to express the Be Yindi style with the jewelry originated from Thailand and donate one US dollar from every purchase via an independent charity organization to those who are in need (you can check up my blog to see how your purchases help others). That is how this project works, completing both of my tasks.

The jewelry presented on this website is handmade and consists of all kinds of natural components, such as high quality 925 sterling silver, semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, leather, sea shells, wood and glass. All the products presented online have been carefully selected to meet the global fashion trends and my own sense of Be Yindi style. In order to give a broad picture of every piece of jewelry and reveal its potential, I add some inspiration photos to the products.

Currently all the products are shipped directly from Thailand to emphasize its originality and uniqueness of the materials. The shipments are made all around the world, so anyone can join.

Be Yindi – a harmonious accessory for your spirit.