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Charm bracelet beads

Sterling silver charm beads consist of two parts - the bead itself and a hinged charm. These items make beautiful embellishments for bracelets, necklaces and all kind of accessories.

To signal love for pets and wild life or creatures of the sea, we have a collection of figure beads available, all dangle on cylinder beads, rombo beads or corrugated shiny beads and these beads come in all shapes and forms. They can be accentuated with antique finish or be simple in bright shining high polish finish sterling silver. We have a great selection of charm beads to create stunning silver jewelry that delights women of any age.

There are beads that remind of some memorable events that bring sunshine into the life. Such beads may become a romantic gift for your beloved. Explore our selection of gorgeous sterling silver bead charms and get inspired to create new adorable silver jewelry. We offer free international shipping as a compliment to our great prices and continuous deals and online offers.