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Swarovski crystal beads

Czech crystal beads

All the stunning silver crystal beads presented in this collection come with a hole of about 4.25 mm for screw threading and they are all of creative and striking designs, worn on a bracelet or as a zipper accessory. These Swarovski crystal beads provide a gorgeous glitter with clear and colorful crystals of your choice.

Swarovski Crystals set in sterling silver beads come in various shapes. They are adding brilliant sparkling accents into the gorgeous ornate silver surround as well as to high polish finish silver, expecially when complemented by antique finish backgrounds. Antiqued floral ornaments or twinkling stars with adorable flower beads with Swarovski Crystals in their center, all these beads are made in a highly sophisticated way giving a luxury feel to the accessory they are attached to. Some festive event would be the best way to showcase such jewelry.

Having a variety of silver crystal beads we offer great prices and special bonuses for your second and all subsequent orders. The shipping is free for every item, including international shipping.