Sterling silver murano glass beads

Cheap murano glass beads

Murano Glass beads with a polished sterling silver core are a feast for the eye with their bright colors, swirls, threads and complete layers of complimentary tones, that accentuate or mix with each other. They are created to embellish a bracelet, necklace or earrings with a gorgeous and very own style.

Murano glass beads presented in this collection are donut shaped pieces of pure elegance, with a sophisticated color scheme or colorful as candy. Due to a vast choice of colors and accents it is easy to find a bead to make your own, the one that fits some special piece of your outfit. It is up to you to choose whether you need to compliment a look or to emphasize some specific color.

All our beads feature the 4.25-4.50 hole for easy threading. We offer discounts on second purchase. The shipping is free worldwide, the track code is available.