Add some spiciness to your outfit with leather bracelets

Bracelets are a well-known type of jewelry used throughout the US and worldwide. They help us add some diversity and colors into our image and make it look more extravagant and full.

Bracelets also make a highly convenient accessory that you can implement into any fashionable look.

Leather bracelets are one of dozens alternations to standard bracelets. These are especially peculiar, and in this article, you will learn why.

Origins of leather bracelets

Leather accessories have a rather long history, dating back to the end of the 20th century, when hippies took over and brought the house down with their unique, colorful, funky style. Leather clothes were one of the most obvious attributes of hippies’ image – jackets, sandals, bags, all of them extremely trendy at that time.

Accessories were no exception and tended to be made of leather as well. It was a clear reference to indigenous people and their way of dressing, which is also widely celebrated these days.

Leather bracelet meaning

It would be logical to assume that leather bracelets not only served as some fancy accessories but also had a specific enigmatic meaning to them. Initially, those bracelets were meant to secure people from sinister spirits; people wore them as a means of protection, usually a red thread that you will also see as part of modern culture. Many young people wear those red threads today, even though most of them don’t search for protection from bad spirits.

In the 21st century, leather bracelets lost their initial purpose and are used mostly for the sake of fashion. Leather bracelets make your look more hippy-style, fresh, and unconventional.

Why wear leather bracelets?

There are several reasons for you to try out accessories made of leather, particularly bracelets. If you believe in supernatural stuff, this one may draw your attention:

Leather bracelets are thought to attract people of opposite sex, which may be extremely beneficial if you long for some attention from men or women, or feel dedicated to find the love of your life. Some people believe such bracelets serve as some sort of human magnet, so to speak. A good fraction of people will find it questionable, but why not give leather bracelets a try and see if they do work?

Another point to support the idea of wearing leather bracelets is an obvious one – everyone seems to be mad about leather these days! If you take a look at the most famous brands’ catwalks or watch last high-fashion shows, you will notice that leather has never lost its trendiness unlike it’s brother fur that is going to disappear from the stores within the next few years. Since many of us can’t afford full leather outfits, purchasing a leather accessory seems a viable solution!

Types of leather bracelets

Now, what are the options for potential leather-bracelet owners? Is there much to choose from? Our answer is yes!

Simple leather bracelets with engraved phrases

If you are looking for something meaningful to wear on your wrist or give to someone as a present, this type of leather bracelet is the perfect option! Oftentimes, their design is incredibly simple and even minimalistic. They have a basis, which is a thick leather strip with a phrase engraved on it, and then comes the clasp that can also vary based on the manufacturer. Such leather bracelets look quite basic and will compliment any plain outfit. Brown, orange, and black are the most common variations of this bracelet.


Braided leather bracelets

These leather accessories stand on the cheaper side and can be easily made at home with a basic set of tools and materials. Still, these leather bracelets make one of the best-sold positions on any bracelet list and boasts huge popularity with kids, young people, and adults.

Decorated with some stones or metallic pieces, handmade leather bracelets should not be considered boring accessories. In fact, you can add any detail you want to make your bracelet stand out from the crowd. For instance, the leather thread can have a tiny shell placed in the center of the accessory. A vivid turquoise color adds some freshness to the item, and voila, it looks incredible!

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Other variations of braided leather bracelets include those of earthly colors, like antique brown, turkey red, camel, or black. They remind you of gifts of Mother Nature and provide the sense of connection with our planet and its powers. Most of these bracelets have some metallic detail placed in the middle to keep the threads together or just add some edginess to its design.

Adjustable leather bracelets

This type of leather bracelet consists of two strips with two knots in the middle. Those knots enable you to adjust the bracelet’s size according to your wrist measurements. These leather bracelets seem one of the most convenient options that any person could wear daily. Another upside is their low price and high affordability.

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Wrap leather bracelets

One more simple but sophisticated design for minimalists. Three strips are combined into one piece of accessory. No engraved sentences, just elegant leather complimenting your beautiful wrist and skin tone.


Other alternations may have a massive ring or any other detail in the center of the bracelet, which makes the accessory look a bit brutal, although still extremely trendy.

The shades are usually warm and close to the natural colors: coconut brown, sand, orange, turkey red, or black.

Customized leather bracelets

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Those of you in search for something special should keep an eye on these stunning bracelets. Despite the same old braided leather threads in their core, one peculiar feature lies on the surface – these leather bracelets have metallic rings attached to the basis, and you can have any name engraved on the rings. Such a bracelet would serve as a top-notch birthday present, or an anniversary gift for your valentine.

You even could have the whole family members’ names engraved on the bracelet; what a nice surprise it would be to your parents or grandparents, right?

Still, you should be ready for some additional weight to this accessory as metallic rings are rather heavy. If you want a light bracelet that you won’t even feel on your wrist, you may want to look into other options.

Cuff leather bracelets


It seems obvious that not everyone is into simplicity and lightweight accessory. If you want something different to stay on your wrist, cuff leather bracelets are the perfect option. This design is truly extraordinary and will draw everyone’s attention to your wrist. Be ready for some extra looks in your direction!

What makes this design peculiar is a massive metallic clasp, or several clasps. The whole bracelet itself is quite big and requires much space on your wrist to fit in and feel comfortable. If you’re in for a change – make sure to try these out!

These were the most commonly worn types of leather bracelet that everyone should try to add to their wardrobe at least once in their life. Don’t hesitate and experiment with your image, and leather bracelets will certainly serve as your right hand in this deed!



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