Elegant Crystal Drop Earrings Will Add Mesmerizing Sparkle To Your Look

Earrings make a stunning contribution to your fancy look, especially when they are covered in gems or just have big crystals in their core. Today, let’s talk about an amazing phenomenon in the jewelry industry – crystal drop earrings that will certainly win your heart.

What are crystal drop earrings?

When we say gems and crystals, it’s highly likely that your first association is that related to those overpriced stones that you have to pay a fortune for if you want one.

What we mean by crystals is those rather affordable synthetically created stones, namely, Swarovski crystals and Czech Glass. They reflect light to a great extent, which brings immeasurable amounts of sparkle to your jewelry decorated with these crystals.

rose gold drop crystal earrings

Drop earrings make stunning adornments with a peculiar shape. Apparently, drop, or dangle earrings have a prolonged shape and hang down from your ear.

They usually have a string as their basis, which could be a thin chain or a metal string decorated with crystals or any other decorative items. Down the string, you can find semi-precious stones, diamonds, gems, or various compositions. Silver dangle earrings look especially good and tasteful.

Types of crystal drop earrings

There are several types of long earrings that can be decorated with gorgeous crystals. Let us talk about those variations and how you could implement them to your style with little effort.

Teardrop crystal earrings

The teardrop shape makes your earrings miniature and modest yet glowing and luxurious. They are looking elegant and accentuate your skin tone and eye color if you chose the right shade of the crystals.

swarovski teardrop earrings

The pear-like earrings can boast incredible stones that fit perfectly the metallic frame. Beautiful clear Swarovski crystals in your earrings add chic and refined sparkle so that you can make a unique look.

Teardrop earrings with crystals make a top-notch contribution to a cocktail dress that is rather short and playful. Naturally, you could also match these earrings with a full-length gown, but you have to make sure it looks appropriate and goes well with a posh dress.

Chandelier crystal earrings

This type of long earrings will surprise you with a stunning composition of strings and crystals. It does resemble a chandelier with all its poshness and a rich variety of decorative elements.

chandelier crystal earrings

This is the best option if you’re looking for a backup plan during an important event like a date or some kind of celebration. You can easily create a mind-blowing look with crystal chandelier earrings; these will make everyone glare at the sparkle the earrings provide and concentrate all the attention on your persona.

Classic drop earrings

Long earrings may also have a minimalist and sophisticated design that will look perfectly well in a plain outfit meant for a formal event. You can wear crystal drop earrings to work or when meeting your significant other’s parents.

Crystal Long Dangle Earrings for Women

Basically, this design of crystal earrings is a win-win option because it looks good with any type of clothing. Long drop earrings are nice to match with casual clothes, as well as romantic and formal attire to bring some shine and chic to it.

Dangle crystal earrings

This variation can boast even more sparkle as it consists of two parts. The smaller part closer to your ear can be a crystal that it a bit tinier than the second stone located below. This well-thought-out design adds up to a sophisticated and gorgeous piece of jewelry that you should definitely try out.

dangle crystal earrings

Dangle earrings covered in diamonds stay in line with Chandelier ones since both types provide immeasurable and inimitable shine and add up to an appealing look. If you want to draw everyone’s attention to your face area, be sure to wear dangle crystal earrings.

Stunning pieces of jewelry decorated with Swarovski crystals, Cubic Zirconia, or other synthetic stones, are in no wise inferior to adornments with naturally formed diamonds.



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