Tassel earrings: colorful jewelry for real ladies

Recently jewelry buyers started to pay attention to earrings made with fabric. Specifically, to tassel earrings – bright and attractive jewelry that perfectly complements everyday and holiday outfits and most importantly allows to create the most feminine look without any visible effort.

Today we will talk about tassel earrings, what they are and what is the best way to wear them. And colorful photos of the earrings will help demonstrate the large variety of tassel earrings.

Tassel earrings

Construction and other design features of tassel earrings

At first glance (especially if a person has not previously encountered with this type of jewelry) tassel earrings can evoke associations with ancient jewelry. But with closer examination it becomes clear that these is quite modern jewelry – beautiful, comfortable, and perfectly combined with various clothes. Today tassel earrings are popular mainly among young people although older people also often purchase them and (with the right choice of outfit) create a complete look.

Most of the models of tassel earrings look very impressive and literally attract the eyes of people around. Therefore, if you want to please yourself and stand out in the crowd at the same time then tassel earrings are what you’re looking for. However, despite the spectacular appearance these earrings usually have a fairly simple design.

Tassel earrings have attachments (most often in the form of hooks or clasps) and an elongated decorative part made mainly of fabric materials. In most cases the decoration is a brush itself, but sometimes additional elements made of precious or semi-precious materials are used in its upper part.

Construction of tassel earrings

Most often tassel earrings have a decorative part in the form of one large fluffy brush but there are often alternatives – several smaller tassels, one large swirling brush and other various options. Earrings with many intertwined small tassels are very popular. Vintage style earrings also look stunning. That is there are really many design options for tassel earrings and the range of this kind of jewelry in large jewelry stores proves that.

Speaking about the material for tassel earrings – it is mainly metal for the fastening and various fabrics for the decorative part. Sometimes fabric elements are additionally decorated with beads. In some cases, inserts of semi-precious stones are used.

The design of these earrings allows to play with the length and sometimes the tassels even reach the shoulder which is very easy to wear without any discomfort. The fabric materials used are usually very delicate and cause exceptionally pleasant sensations when touched.

Some tassel earrings are made in the format of transformers. For example, the tassels in these models can be unhooked, thereby creating miniature earrings in the form of a main fastening and an intermediate element (for example, a ring). This transforming option, although sounds practical, barely finds its true followers.

Design features of tassel earrings

How to wear tassel earrings

The presented jewelry is quite versatile. It looks great in combination with a wide variety of clothes – from romantic evening gowns to regular shirts, overalls and even T-shirts. It might seem obvious that these earrings are not suitable with business dress code, but even this rule has enough exceptions.

Hairstyle can be different but with only one condition – the hair does not completely or partially cover the earrings. Otherwise, the earrings are simply lost behind thick long hair.

Tassel earrings are usually worn in pairs but in some situations you can go against the classic solution and wear the earring on one side only. Of course, such a decision will create asymmetry, but the formed accent will only add uniqueness to the image. It is always your decision, just keep in mind that some official events have a serious dress code, and something that is not classical may look out of place. Consider youth parties instead where it may look very stylish and harmonious.

How to wear tassel earrings

For expensive clothes (especially for ball gowns), you should choose the most elegant models of tassel earrings. It is not necessary to choose expensive products. The main thing is to ensure that elegance and color compatibility of the earrings and the chosen clothes take place.

With everyday outfits it is better to choose inexpensive tassel earrings. Ideally, it is bright and memorable pair of medium length and with a minimum of precious materials. Although it is not mandatory.

When choosing tassel earrings, be sure to pay attention to the contrast of the earrings with the hair. For example, dark-colored jewelry is well suited for blondes, and bright multi-colored earrings for brunettes. However, there are no clear requirements in this regard. It is best to buy several models of tassel earrings and experiment with the compatibility of jewelry and existing wardrobe. This approach will almost certainly allow you to create the perfect look and surprise people around you with your own irresistibility.



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