Freshwater pearl bracelets

Pearl bracelets cheap

Freshwater pearl bracelets play one of the main roles in our silver jewelry collection. Together with silver charms and colorful gemstones natural pearls look absolutely stunning and classy but fresh and modern at the same time. That is why bracelets with pearls have always been a style icon.

Women love pearls for their deep and creamy luster, for complex colors and natural origin. They provide a good choice of colors - from white to grey and black and choice of shapes - from natural free forms to highly polished perfect spheres.

Pearls and silver is on of the best combinations in jewelry and is very easy to wear. Thanks to its color pearl bracelets can be worn almost with any other color in clothing. They look perfect both with long sleeves and even could be worn over them and on tanned skin with sterling silver toe rings at summer time.

Our bracelets with pearls, except for Swarowski crystal pearls are all made of real freshwater pearls, that are cultivated in Thailand. Tha makes them exclusive pieces of jewelry, that are very often just one of a kind.