Cute 925 Silver Flower Leather Bracelet Spring Clasp with Chain by BeYindi
29.45 USD
Highly Polished 925 Silver All-Seeing Eye Leather Bracelet by BeYindi
28.65 USD
Double Strap Leather Bracelet with Silver Butterfly & Beads by BeYindi
31.52 USD

Leather bracelets for women

Crafted with care by experienced artisans, our leather bracelets collection presents a vast constellation of unique designs that enhance the looks of women of all tastes all around the world.

High quality leather strings available in various universal colors create bracelets that are offered with a single or double strap. This creates a huge space for imagination that is why all the bracelets are so different and so personalized. A countless amount of sterling silver embellishments of different shapes and surfaces are featured either hanging from, inserted into or as a link of the leather straps. In our leather bracelets you can find an enormous assortment of beads, spheres, hearts, crosses, discs, lockers, animals, ancient motifs, symbols, skulls with lettering or figures either stamped, etched, or in relief, among many others!

Take your time and browse our stunning collection of exclusive leather bracelets, carefully handcrafted and lavishly decorated to create superior and gorgeous accessories. You will definitely a perfect gift or a bracelet that you dreamed of.