Unisex Macrame Bracelet Double Rows Silver Faceted Beads by BeYindi
37.88 USD
Macrame Bracelet Antiqued Silver Floral Cylinder Beads by BeYindi
28.17 USD
Macrame Bracelet Small Floral Sterling Silver Charms & Spheres by BeYindi
36.15 USD
Macrame Wax Cotton Bracelet With Silver Flower Charm & Beads by BeYindi
27.54 USD
Handmade Macrame Bracelet with 925 Silver Beads Diamond Shape by BeYindi
32.07 USD
Silver Star Ornament & Small Beads In Macrame Bracelet by BeYindi
38.81 USD
Simple Macrame Bracelet Sterling Silver Mixed Shape Beads by BeYindi
33.56 USD
Simple Macrame Bracelet With Plain Silver Heart & Sphere Beads by BeYindi
24.23 USD
Macrame Bracelet Tibetan Silver Twirl Charm & Floral Beads by BeYindi
24.88 USD
Macrame Bracelet Ornate Silver Hand Of Fatima & Floral Beads by BeYindi
28.48 USD
Turquoise Macrame Bracelet Silver Cross & Beads by BeYindi
23.71 USD
Macrame Bracelet 925 Sterling Silver Wirework Flowers by BeYindi
27.13 USD
Antiqued Silver Feather Charm Macrame Bracelet by BeYindi
24.05 USD

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Beautifully handcrafted macrame bracelets made of waxed cotton thread available in several universal colors, together with 925 sterling silver in form of beads of different shapes and charms they become accessories fit for both men and women. Adjustable ties available in every bracelet, provide a perfect fit to the wrist.

Our stylish collection of macrame bracelets presents pieces both brutal and lovely, made up of tight decorative knots of various styles that trap all manner of sterling silver beads: cubes, discs, spheres, donut-shaped, cylinders and more!

Highly polished or antiqued 925 silver charms also look great with macrame bracelets, adding personality to the jewelry and enhancing the looks of its owner with their many shapes: flowers, skulls, crosses, diverse symbols, stars, animals, capricious figures and even gorgeous gemstones!

The beauty of the highest quality natural materials, unique designs and out skilled workmanship generate stunning accessories which are ready to accentuate your everyday outfits.