Shamballa style bracelets

Our new collection of Shamballa bracelets holds the mystery of ancient Tibetan and Indian Buddhist belief right. Thought to have originated based on stories about a mythical kingdom hidden in Inner Asia called "Shambhala", these bracelets posses a lot of different meanings: for some they are the link to an spiritual reality when used as a prayer tool, for others the remains of a hidden and exotic land and yet for others they are but a mirage of a dream stuck in the bowels of a distant past.

Authentic Shamballa bracelets

Whatever meaning it has for its wearer, the fact is that these authentic Shamballa bracelets are an outstanding piece of craftsmanship. Composed typically of a single row of beads, these bracelets might be confused with being simple, yet the multitude of colors, shapes, materials and symbols utilized in their manufacture create an unsurpassed amount of variety that results in endless possibilities.

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