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Leather wrap around bracelets

Wrap around bracelets are flamboyant! In our gorgeous online collection you will find models ranging from robust to glamorous, there is always the perfect leather wrap bracelet for everyone! They are so popular now and have been for several years, and yet so gorgeous and affordable. Truly bohemian style!

Wrap around bracelets come with several length option, they may be wrapped once, three or five times around the wrist. Leather straps that hold the wrap bracelet together are very reliable and at the same time decorative as they are available in a variety of vibrant colors that emphasize or contrast with the color of gems. Round leather straps are used as the framework to create stunning wrap bracelets with gemstones, crystals or freshwater pearls.

Wrap around bracelets are loved for their bohemian chic and cool style that can be worn with a lot of outfits ranging from casual jeans to even a cocktail dress and sterling silver choker necklaces.