Silver and enamel charms

Sterling silver and enamel charms

Add some colors and festive mood to your look with our collection of silver enamel charms. Bright colors of enamel beautifully contrast with the cool shine of silver and create cute voluminous objects.

Please note that every charm has a 9 mm lobster clasp to provide a perfect connection to almost any item you wish. They are like tiny colorful toys and it is easy to attach them to a clatch, zipper or a key chain to express your daily mood. Be mysterious with our elegant half-mask charm or flirty with a glass of martini. And animal themed enamel silver charm will be a perfect gift to young girls.

 The enamel surface is protected from scratches and fading so these charms are perfect long-lasting jewelry accessories. Enamel is a material made by baking glass powder in kiln under very high temperature. There are two names of enamel which officially use in jewelry term: Vitreous enamel and porcelain enamel. Enamel is always comes as a layer on metal, glass or ceramic. Literally describing process of turning glass powder into enamel looks like: powder of glass put on surface of any metal object and fire it in special oven, it melts and coats metal by vitreous substance which is enamel and this process calls “enamelling”. It is very old technology used in ancient time for art.

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