Swarovski crystal dangle earrings

Purple crystal dangle earrings

This is a collection to show off the Swarovski Crystals and Czech Crystals earrings in all their glory. Not only they sparkle like the precious stones, but the dangling is absolutely adorable too.

Crafted of polished Hallmarked 925 silver, these crystal dangle earrings flatter the features with either long glamorous earrings that add a luxurious flair and are perfect to be worn at festive occasions and events or they come in the shape of a young, fresh design that showcases gorgeous, Czech Crystals as sparkling, multi-facet cut spheres, on bent loops or dangling on french wires. Crystals come in the 6 to 14 mm diameters. Ferido™ Formula x1 molded spheres are packed with crystals and clasped in sterling silver caps with welded bails. This is a classy and timeless shape coming in various colors to choose from to suit and outline your clothing choice.

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