Freshwater pearl dangle earrings

Sterling Silver Freshwater Pearl Dangle Earrings by BeYindi
17.52 USD
Cute spherical freshwater pearls hand soldered silver earrings by BeYindi
16.59 USD

Sterling silver pearl earrings dangle

This collection of freshwater pearl dangle earrings gives silver fashion jewelry a new impulse and inspiration. Presented in this section are always seducing and luxurious earrings of young and fresh design embellished with Freshwater Pearls set in premium quality hallmarked 925 sterling silver.

As the freshwater pearls come in pretty much exact shape of a sphere, the earrings might have some additional accents like, for example, hand soldered silver floral themed ornaments giving an additional flair to the particular piece of jewelry. Depending on these additional accents, the earrings can be chosen to suit festive or elegant evening events, while another will be well appropriate for an office daily wear. Women of any age will find a pair of beautifully crafted earrings for themselves.

High quality sterling silver pearl dangle earrings are truly elegant and popular. We offer great deals, prices and discounts for your orders as well as free of charge international shipping.