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Crystal pendants for sale

Beautiful Swarovski Crystals, fine Czech Crystals create stunning, highly elegant pendants that add a colorful brilliance and irresistible sparkle but also luster and an elegant sheen to the neckline.

From simple to glamorous, crystals provide the magical touch to elevate a simple sterling silver pendant into a gorgeous eye-catching crystal pendant with lots of class, radiating pure luxury. Crystal 925 silver pendants are  glamorous with their clear and brilliant sparkle and definitely favored by  women  for  festive occasions or when feeling utterly luxurious. Combine the bright shine of the polished Hallmarked 925 sterling silver with sparkling crystals, give it an appealing shape and you get a state of the art fashion jewelry.

Spheres crafted of black Ferido™ Formula x1, a moldable two-part epoxy adhesive and in general used in jewelry making, is used to shape the sphere pendants that are entirely set with Czech Crystals in striking vivid colors or in elegant black. The abundant sparkle makes captivating crystal jewelry to accentuate the cleavage with a delightful glitter. These crystal pendants add sophistication and display a classic timeless beauty making discreet jewelry, matching perfectly business attire.