Tips on how to choose pearl bracelet as a gift

Pearls have always been associated with an elegant and luxurious lifestyle. But even more than that, while pearls symbolize such features as purity, honesty, integrity, and wisdom, the jewelry embellished with beautiful natural gemstones tends to symbolize happiness and love. Every connoisseur of fashion should have such wonderful jewelry as a pearl bracelet. And what is really impressive is that these bracelets are suitable for both women and men. The only difference is what clothes to wear it with.

How to choose a pearl bracelet as a gift?

These white glowing orbs look absolutely adoring when serving as parts of feminine bracelets. Such bracelets become magnificent gifts. A simple pearl bracelet is going to upgrade the looks of any boring office clothing or a flirty little dress. Bracelets do not really possess any special meanings like rings do, for example, that is why they can be given as a gift for any occasion or without any special one at all – just to make your friend or beloved one happy. Feel free to use our tips on how to turn a pearl bracelet into a perfect gift for someone really special.

Choose the appropriate size

First, consider the bracelet’s available sizes. Although women usually have the length of about 7 inches suitable for their wrists you might want to be 100% sure – go with the bracelets that are adjustable in size by additional links or extension chains usage. Those extra pieces are becoming extra gifts too as long as they are high quality and masterfully crafted. Take a look through cuff and bangle bracelets collections. Those are highly in fashion and are also fitting most sizes to reduce your tension when choosing the right size. Many bracelets have hinges which makes them easy to put on.

Choose the appropriate size

Think of the wearer’s style

When the size is not a problem anymore you face a lot of various options considering the style of your future gift. You will need to choose whether you are going to opt for salt or freshwater pearls. Both types are used to create fashion jewelry and are coming in many shapes and sizes. It is also important when choosing a pearl bracelet to think about what style the person who will wear it chooses. You might want to consider the following opinion - pink pearls suit teenagers better, while white pearls give a timeless elegant look and would better fit the fashionable woman’s style.

Think of the wearers style

Consider the bracelet’s style

There are many various styles available for pearls. The most versatile as well as affordable are single-strand pearls bracelets, but they surely give the wearer a less dramatic look compared to the image multiple strands bracelets help to achieve. Link bracelets consisting of several chains with dangling pearls make astonishing gifts for young women. Some bracelets add gemstones to the ensemble which results in even more extravagant glitter.

Consider the bracelets style

Make it meaningful

When choosing a pearl bracelet as a gift, remember that the meaning of the bracelet depends on the color of the pearls. Think carefully about the wearer, what are his character traits, preferences, and choose exactly those pearls that will complement his personality. Here you can see the meaning of the pearls according to their color.

  • White pearls. This is the most common color of pearls. By wearing a bracelet made of white pearls, a happy wearer will be endowed with beauty, innocence, luck, and tenderness. Also, white pearls go well with a secular party or an ordinary look at work.
  • Black pearls. Do you want to give someone not only a bracelet but also strength and self-confidence? Choose a bracelet with black pearls. It gives the wearer power, independence, and wealth.
  • Purple pearls. This color is a perfect choice for cute and gentle personalities. It can also be a good gift for experienced women. Purple pearls symbolize wisdom, intelligence, passion, and nobility. A bracelet with purple pearls will be a good fit for people working in the educational sphere.
  • Pink pearls. If you want to make a gift for a young lady, choose a bracelet with pink pearls. This color carries romantic energy and success. It is a perfect graduation gift. Such jewelry will make a positive influence on the wearer’s bright future.
  • Gold pearls. It is not difficult to guess that golden pearls are a symbol of wealth and prosperity. You can choose bracelets with gold pearls for your work partners to increase the energy of wealth.
  • Yellow pearls. It may be strange, but there are actually yellow pearls and gold ones. Although they may look the same, they have different meanings. Yellow pearls represent the brightness of life, creativity, happiness, and resourcefulness. Choose a bracelet with yellow pearls for a person who lives an unusual and interesting life.
  • Blue pearls. Do you know someone who needs more strength and support in life? Then you can endow such a person with a bracelet with blue pearls. The meaning of blue pearls is strength, truth, and courage. It is a great gift for people who struggle with something in their lives.
  • Chocolate pearls. You probably didn't even know there were chocolate-colored pearls. But from one look at this unusual jewelry, you will want to buy it right away! A bracelet with chocolate pearls will symbolize trustiness, healing, and protection. Make it a gift for someone you can always rely on.
  • Green pearls. This special color symbolizes a new beginning. By wearing a bracelet with green pearls, a person will be connected with nature in a magical way. If you want someone to start a new life, buy him green pearls and they will help the wearer to make it smooth.

Make it meaningful


Frankly speaking, it is really easy to make a great gift with a pearl bracelet these days as the variety of offered styles and designs is truly breathtaking. It is really more up to you and your knowledge of the recipient's features of character, preferences, and interests.



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