Promise bracelets - a token of your deep affection for each other

Many of us are keen on wearing different kinds of accessories just to add some sparkle or spiciness to our appearance.

Bracelets make one of the most popular decorative units with a long history that dates back to the occurrence of first humans; modern people wear bracelets for a vast variety of occasions and purposes and are offered a multitude of designs to pick from.

On top of that, bracelets may also acquire a wide range of meanings and serve some aim for their owner. This is what promise bracelets are known for – they embody the power of love and unbreakable connection strengthened by this tiny accessory.

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Promise bracelet meaning

As mentioned before, this type of bracelet is most commonly used to showcase warm feelings toward a person, be it your lover, best friend, or anyone else who you appreciate.

These bracelets have the word “promise” in their title for a reason. Promise bracelets can be a perfect gift with the meaning of an oath, where giving someone this marvelous present would mean promising to always stand by their side, prove their commitment, or love them eternally. Two people wear the similarly designed bracelets, usually sold in a set, to have a symbol of their feelings always at hand, which will bring back the best of your shared memories.

The origin of promise bracelets

The first bracelets date back to ancient times and were an irreplaceable attribute of any tribe. At that time, these accessories played a major role in defining what person belonged to what commune, and they helped our predecessors set social connections with members of other tribes at ease. Both men and women were prone to boasting a basic bracelet on their wrist, there were no gender-based restrictions at that point.

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As humanity kept developing into civilised society, bracelets gained a totally different meaning and became implemented into people’s daily routine to add more beauty to their appearance. The most fame came to these sparkly accessories in the end of the 20th century in the US, when people, participants of rallies, in particular, started wearing friendship bracelets as a sign of social protest and equality among all. Ethnic groups also found it crucial to take the old bracelets out of their closet and show the world what passed to the indigenous people from their ancestry. There were a lot of traditional motifs present in the bracelets, which made them extremely valuable for the minorities.

Promise bracelets as a modern concept have gained popularity relatively recently, at the beginning of the 21st century. As the fashion industry rapidly developed and acquired new shapes, the sharks of marketing began to promote bracelets in the new light -- children and young people now could wear them to symbolize love and mutual commitment, which was quite a convenient way of proving your love to someone.

How promise bracelets look

There is an impressive variety of designs available on the market. You will easily find the perfect variation to suit your sophisticated taste. The accessories can be rather thematic, like those dedicated to the sea and summer aesthetics, or some wintery jewelry with the corresponding palette.

Usually, this type of bracelets is decorated with gemstones of various origin and color. For instance, you will find options with quartz, a stone of remarkable beauty. The color of the stone varies from white in the daylight to slightly blue when the sun is down, making a great gift for those fond of magic.


Other variations of promise bracelets may include emerald, a gorgeous green gemstone fit for a petite wrist. You can run into bracelets with pearls even! Those look especially luxurious and posh.

Black agate and white howlite is another astonishing combination of two gemstones that millions of lovebirds purchase every day to please their dearest ones. Rock stones make a viable solution for those customers looking for some exotics in their decorative bracelets; black matte lava is often used together with some colorful gems to create an extraordinary color balance.

If you want an extravagant and eye-catching bracelet, pay attention to Murano glass. Murano glass beads make one of the most beautiful and outstanding materials for bracelets!


On the other hand, many promise bracelets stand out in the crowd with a minimalistic design as an incredible alternative for any kind of look to wear. Plenty of such bracelets have a single thread as their basis, thick or thin as you wish, and a stone in the middle to finish the look. The material may be silver or gold as well, and on the stone, you will usually see a cute picture of friends holding hands or a flower with a special meaning.

Surely, those of you capable of affording a more luxurious option will also find a promise bracelet to meet your demands. There is a huge spectrum of exclusive designer promise bracelets with gemstones that stay on the expensive side, like leather-braided ones with a metallic plate saying something like, “Love you forever”. Bracelets made of stainless steel are also well-received by customers with higher requirements. Handmade and customize bracelets with an engraved phrase of your choice will cost you a bit more, too.

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White, black, sky-blue, coral, turquoise, pastel pink – the manufacturers and small producers will offer you any color and design imaginable so that every single person will end up satisfied with their choice.

In a single kit, you may find just one bracelet, two of them, or even a whole set of four different bracelets united thematically with obvious similarities in their design and a slight variation of colors or stones.

Overall, promise bracelets serve as an exclusive present for your significant other, friend, or family member. Many of us would be happy to receive a promise bracelet as a birthday or anniversary present. These accessories are just the right option if you want to possess some item to embody the feelings only you two share. Being able to select from a huge choice of promise bracelet variations, you can rest assured the perfect bracelet fit for you and your love specifically is waiting for you out there, you just need to come and grab it!



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