An Epic Comeback - Snap Bracelets Enter The Game

Sometimes we want to go beyond the norms and try out unconventional ways of creating a unique outfit. Accessories play a major role in fulfilling this aim. Today, we will be looking at an out-of-the-ordinary type of bracelet, which is a renowned slap bracelet, also known as a slap bracelet.

What is a snap bracelet?

snap slap bracelets

A snap bracelet is a type of accessory that was at its peak some 40 years ago, although many kids still enjoy wearing them today. The design rather simple: a string of flexible stainless steel is the core detail of the accessory, covered with a layer of fabric, plastic, or silicone.

Snap bracelets come in a vast range of colors and may boast hundreds of different designs and patterns painted on them. This is a perfect opportunity for creative accessory manufacturers to give free play to all their ideas.

History of snap bracelets

1980s bracelets

The right to call snap bracelets his invention belongs to Stuart Anders, a teacher in Wisconsin who created his own brand under the title “Slap Wrap”. The catchy name stuck in heads of people all over the world and made Anders’s business a total success.

Initially, snap bracelets were 23 cm long and 2.5 cm wide; the material used to create a bracelet was steel with a thickness of 0.15 mm. Thickness played a major role in bracelet production since thinner steel plates would easily break and damage the surface layer.

The accessory was incredibly popular with children and teenagers in the 1980s. However, there were unfortunate cases of kids cutting themselves with poor-quality bracelets, which makes another strong point against the usage of cheap materials in snap bracelet production.

These days, snap bracelets are making their way back to our stores as people across the globe start purchasing them again, although with certain alternations in bracelets’ design.

Types of snap bracelets

Silicone Snap Bracelets

silicone snap bracelets

Made to last for a long time, silicone snap bracelets boast high material quality and are more durable than accessories made of other materials. This is a number-one choice of parents who want to gift their kids a slap bracelet but fear it will be flimsy and lead to injuries.

Most silicone snap bracelets are waterproof and light-weight, which allows children to play with a bracelet on their wrist without even noticing or feeling the accessory. Another great application for this type of bracelet would be running parties and handing over snap bracelets to add bright colors to the fest. Kids are loving it!

Ruler Snap Bracelets

ruler snap bracelet

Snap bracelets can also be helpful in studying! This type of accessory serves as a colorful ruler fun to use in school or at home doing homework. You no longer have to worry that your kid will lose their measuring tool. These ruler bracelets can be worn on a wrist, which makes your child stand out in a classroom.

Ruler snap bracelets make an extraordinary gift idea if you want to surprise your classmate or friend; it will surprise them that learning is not necessarily boring. With ruler bracelets, your school routine will turn into an exciting activity!

Glitter Snap Bracelets

glitter snap bracelets

Why not add some sparkle to your outfit with the help of glitter slap bracelets? The suede-like material prevents sequins from sticking to surfaces and falling off the bracelet. Glitter will stay where it should!

Unique bright designs will perfectly suit any joyful event. Those eager to stand out at a party should check out glitter snap bracelets. These glowing accessories will help you embrace your inner start and efficiently express your creativity with little effort.

Teachers will highly appreciate the crazy designs of these bracelets. They will come in handy when awarding school kids for their high academic performance or victories in active outdoor games and sports. Using snap bracelets as incentives will encourage kids to take part in school activities.

Decorating your house with glitter snap bracelets has many upsides: you can easily attach a bracelet to any item and not worry it will get lost since these decorative bracelets hold tight!

Superhero Snap Bracelets

superhero slaps

All of us have had to stay in a hospital due to some accidents in our childhood; it is essential to bring some joy to a kid’s days in the room. Depressing surroundings will do them no good, so why not gift your little friend something special that could motivate them to keep going?

Superhero snap bracelets will do the job! Covered in pictures of various superheroes, you can pick one with your kid’s favorite character, or even buy the whole collection for your child to wear on different days of the week!

DIY Snap Bracelets

DIY snap bracelets

If you want to let out your creative side and find an application for your bizarre ideas, DIY bracelets are the right option. Basically, these are white strips with an empty surface that you will need to cover in drawings, phrases, or clay some patterns to it.

These bracelets are sold in a set where you will find numerous stickers to decorate your accessory. Of course, there are no limits as to what design your bracelet should boasts – just use your imagination and feel free to experiment!

Having a party with kids invited? Make them busy with creating accessory masterpieces and see what child makes what kind of bracelet. Everyone can participate!

Spike Snap Bracelets

spikes snap bracelets

The material of spike bracelets is close to soft and elastic rubber. It is hypoallergenic and doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals that could cause a rash on your child’s skin. Giving your kid such an accessory will enable them to develop fine motor skills and calm down by touching convex details of the snap bracelet.

This accessory can also help your kid get rid of bad habits such as ripping off cuticles, which is most of the time a result of high levels of stress a child experiences because of an overloaded schedule at school. Touching pointy spikes and playing with them will help your kid focus on safe and tranquilizing activities.

In summary, snap bracelets have such advantages:

  • Unusual gift
  • Trendy accessory
  • Helpful in developing fine motor skills
  • Convenient means of self-comforting
  • Handy in stressful situations or during tough times

Snap bracelets have many applications and will be a great present for a child or teenager!



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