Choker necklaces: individuality in every detail

Among the abundance of jewelry, special attention is paid to special chokers – necklaces that emphasize the elegance and status of their owners. Centuries ago, chokers were carried by many aristocrats and even royals such as Queen Victoria. Overall, it is the British royal family who played a significant role in chokers history.

Earlier we discovered chokers and their types. In this article we have compiled their meaning in society in the past and nowadays, how to select the right choker necklaces, as well as how comfortable and relevant they are in everyday life.

choker necklace

Purpose of choker necklaces

Years earlier the chokers would reflect the woman’s status. Like a thin and tight strip of fabric around neck could mean that the woman is a prostitute. Massive chokers with spikes, similar to collars, were worn during the anarchist uprisings as support for the punk movement. Graceful, inlaid with precious stones or lace jewelry indicated the noble origin of the owner.

Nowadays, choker necklaces do not have any specific meaning. Depending on the style of jewelry, it can be worn both at social events and in everyday life. Today, chokers are the most versatile types of jewelry because they perfectly reflect the mood and the vibes of the wearer.

how to wear choker

What to wear with choker necklaces?

As mentioned before, this decoration does not have a clear purpose. Therefore, choosing a necklace is your own choice and preference or even intuition, as well as the outfit, which the necklace will complement. Or, maybe, you can create a look that will match a choker?

For example, velvet choker necklaces go well with evening dresses, while lace necklaces can be used with both elegant and delicate looks. Plain beaded jewelry is suitable for bright and even sportswear, and pearls look best with pastel shades. In all cases, you need to follow one simple principle: chokers create an accent on the neck, so the neckline of your clothes should be quite open. Dresses or blouses with cutouts, shirts with unbuttoned top buttons, T-shirts, and anything else that creates enough free space for the decoration to be noticeable will do.

choker tips

How comfortable are choker necklaces?

Depending on the type, style, material of the product and many other factors, the sensations when wearing different chokers can be completely opposite. In contrast to the lightness with which a velvet ribbon falls around the neck, heavy gems can make you feel tired. Therefore, the ability to choose the right choker necklace for the circumstances is important: for a long walk - materials that do not burden the neck, fabric or thin chains, while for a couple of hours more massive and bulky options are quite suitable.




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