Charming Chokers - The Everlasting Classics In Jewelry

Chokers make one of the most popular types of necklaces in the 21st century. They are a real craze among modern teenagers and adults because they serve as extraordinary and spicy complementation to a casual or formal outfit, as well as attire for a date.

What is a choker?

First, let’s sort out what a standard choker necklace looks like. Basically, chokers are strips of fabric that vary in material, width, and design. They are meant to be worn close to the neck and not hang loose unlike all the other types of necklaces.

What is so appealing in a choker necklace is that it accentuates a person’s neck and curves of bones in that area. If you want to draw others’ attention to your neck, there is no better solution than a nice choker.

black simple choker

Historically, choker necklaces were worn by people with an affluent lifestyle. They indicated the owner’s high financial status and let everyone around understand the person wearing a choker is either a rich one or belonging to the royal family. By the way, we have an article about the history of necklaces, check it out!

These days, chokers are highly affordable and available in any specialized shop dedicated to jewelry and accessories. You can also find thousands of chokers online in split seconds, so it is no problem to get one.

Chokers make a viable solution for those seeking a piece of jewelry that will make them stand out. In fact, chokers have a spicy and playful touch to them that will certainly make other people turn their eyes to your persona.

Types of chokers

Now that we’ve figured out what makes chokers so special and beloved by jewelry lovers, we can take a look at the most popular types of these embellishments.

Velvet chokers

The first thing you will see when searching for a choker online is a velvet one. The material is widely used for this specific type of necklace; it is soft and looks just incredible!

green velvet choker

Velvet has a subtle but stunning shine to it; light reflection makes velvet chokers utterly demanded in the sphere of jewelry. They are easy to match with clothes and just fun to experiment with!

Lace chokers

If you’re in search of something feminine and capable of making a statement in your outfit, lace chokers should be a decent idea. Floral motifs may look cute and tender if you want some ornaments in your jewelry.

lace choker with rose

However, it is simple to add too many accents to a single look if you wear a lace choker. This type of necklace does concentrate all the attention in one place and makes the outfit complete. Thus, if you don’t want your look to appear too heavy and garish, make sure you combine a lace choker with plain, simply-designed clothes to create a balance.

Silver chokers

A charming piece of jewelry, a solid choker necklace made of silver looks incredibly posh and expensive; the cold-tinted glow of a silver choker will leave everyone amazed and unable to stop glaring at the beauty on your neck.

solid silver choker

Such an embellishment can be both solid and flexible. That’s right, not every silver choker has a set shape and won’t fold. There is a variety of alternations to a usual silver choker so you can really pick what’s best for you.

Of course, additional decorative items are possible for silver chokers. For example, tiny stars or circles can hang down from the basis of the adornment, creating a magnifying and charming piece of jewelry with a thematic design.

Gold chokers

This variation might vary a lot in terms of gold shades and types. You could purchase a choker made of yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold, all looking stunning and precious.

gold chain choker

Such an embellishment is best for an evening gown with open shoulders or decollete where the accent will be made on your neck specifically. You can match these shades of gold with almost any color; pay attention to deeper hues in your dress if you want to create luxurious attire for the night.

Chokers with pendants

This is the next level of chokers; those decorated with miniature pendants add some variety and charm to the adornment, turning a simple strip of fabric into a well-designed choker. Still, even a choker with a locket can stay on the minimalist side and serve as modest complementation of the look.

choker with pendant

Lockets themselves range in shapes, material, and colors. And if you didn’t manage to find the right pendant to suit your taste, you can buy one in a local shop and easily attach it to the choker with basic supplies.

Pearl chokers

Tender and refined, chokers made of tiny and neat pearls make one of the most elegant and adorable types of necklaces. These are extremely popular this season, so if you’re looking into investing in jewelry, pearl chokers are a viable option!

They are so petite and tasteful that no one will stay indifferent to the beauty of these chokers. They go well with a light summer dress, an evening outfit, or even formal clothes if the balance is maintained within the outfit.

pearl choker necklace

To create even a posher look, feel free to put on a pearl necklace together with some thin gold chains. The combination of a warm gold shade with stunning beige pearls will add up to a brand new luxurious look you’ve been striving for!

Beaded chokers

Bright and fun, beaded chokers are a favorite type of adornment among young people who are keen on vibrant colors and textured jewelry. You can choose different color orders to create a unique and extravagant look.

beaded choker necklace

Easily matched with casual clothes, beaded chokers may become a great addition to your summer look and bring even more saturated colors to your attire. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of beads for your choker; whatever it takes to end up with the coolest look possible!

Hopefully, our list of top choker designs will come in handy when choosing a new embellishment for your jewelry collection. Universal choker necklaces will earn your fondness really fast, that’s for sure!



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