Christmas nails in November 2022

The onset of winter is often associated with holidays. New Year, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and more. When there is a blizzard or a quiet snowy landscape outside the window, people tend to bring as much warmth and comfort into their homes as possible. Bright lights of garlands adorn the snow-covered roofs. Well decorated Christmas trees with shimmering toys can be spotted through brightly lit windows. Your favorite movie is on TV again, and the whole family is gathers at the festive table.

Don't you want to match these warm moments? Reindeer sweater knitted socks and snowflake earrings. Is there something else we forgot to mention?

Of course, a manicure. When you are at the table reaching your hands to get more of those Christmas delights, someone will certainly pay attention to your special Christmas designed nails. With this manicure, you will definitely reflect the mood of the holiday season and share it with others.

But how to choose a Christmas manicure? After all, a search on the Internet gives too many different options. Acrylic Christmas nails, simple Christmas nails, short Christmas nails - it's so easy to get lost in it all!

This article will describe the basic principles to choose the nail style that suits you perfectly. Be ready to get some valuable tips on how to match Christmas nails with clothes and accessories. We will also describe some of the nuances that may arise during the selection of festive nails for your look. Happy reading!

christmas nails

What is in this article?

Here we will cover the following points:

- the basic principles of choosing a color (depending on the design of nails, on skin tone, on the symbolic meaning of certain shades);

- what can be the main idea of a Christmas manicure (depending on the complexity, length of nails, theme);

- how to choose the shape of nails (we will list several types);

- what are the materials for nail extension (gel polish and acrylic);

- what criteria should be used to select clothes and accessories for Christmas nails;

- several options for your festive manicure!

 christmas nails types

How to choose the color of Christmas manicure?

Red and green are traditional Christmas colors in Western Orthodoxy. As a rule, they symbolize the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus. Green Christmas trees are decorated with toys in all shades of red. Multi-colored lights flicker on the garlands. Snowflakes appear on Coca-Cola labels. Even Santa Claus is completely dressed in red!

Therefore, on the eve of the holiday, many women do their nails in red color scheme. Christmas nail art often features bright and cute winter details: candies, sequins, bows, snowflakes. You can either decorate each nail with a separate pattern, or focus on just a couple of nails (if you want something simpler). But the principle remains the same: green and red.

There are also options of gold, silver, white, brown, and even black. Lighter shades are used for the winter elements, while darker ones blend beautifully with them and create a nice contrast. Bright elements on the nails can highlight certain images. Therefore, even simple, and casual clothes will look festive with Christmas nails.

And for those who don’t like “Christmas” colors, there are always fallback options. Which by the way are just as good as traditional Christmas nails. A simple Christmas nails design is more neutral, often in cold shades. There are no catchy elements, nothing colorful and conspicuous. These nails are more versatile and remain relevant for a long time even after Christmas. They will be appropriate both at home with family or friends, and at work.

 christmas nails shapes

How to combine holiday colors? That's a good question. The answer lays in you nail design idea. White in combination with red will create the effect of a candy cane. Silver or gold stripes on the nails, especially if they are shiny, will look like a gift wrap. With black or gold you can draw the silhouettes of some Christmas attributes like a reindeer, a snowman, mistletoes, presents, etc. As the most versatile option, you can make a manicure in one color scheme but using different shades of the same color. For example, classic red or green.

Different colors can also have their own meanings. Here are the red Christmas nails directly convey the atmosphere of the holiday.

 christmas nails red

Or, for example, blue Christmas nails symbolize winter and cold weather. Light, cold shades are reminiscent of snow and winter skies. Sequins and glitter are often used with this color theme to create the effect of snow that shimmers in the sun. Here are some blue Christmas nails ideas:

 christmas nails blue

Pink Christmas nails are suitable for those who want something more unusual and delicate. Pink is not a Christmas color, but it pairs beautifully with white. Together they create something neat and cute. At the same time, pink Christmas nails can look completely different:

 christmas nails pink

Green Christmas nails always look rich. By itself, the green color goes well with gold and silver. So you can safely do your nails in these shades, or wear jewelry that matches the color. Green color is associated with life and nature, and it is quite rare in wintertime. It is also associated with the warmth of the family hearth and Christmas trees. And because of this, plants or tree branches are often presented on green Christmas nails.

Important! The human skin comes in different shades. Therefore, it is important to know the basic principle. If the fingers are tanned, then neutral tones will make them look even darker. If the fingers are pale, then against the background of bright varnish they will appear even whiter.

 christmas nails green

Christmas Nail Ideas

There are many different variations of manicure. By length, shape, color, method of materials application. And don’t forget the nail tips, which are easy to stick to the nail plate and tale them off whenever you want.

1. If you do not want to bother much, then simple Christmas nails are ideal for you. Instead of scrupulously drawing every thin line with a brush, you can, for example, simply use stickers or a gradient. There are so many nail designs that do not require much effort in application and are not too complicated. For example, the technique of "French manicure" or even dying nails in one tone. It is also common practice to combine different colors on different nails. The top can be either matte or glossy.

 christmas nails simple

2. Short Christmas nails will not look just as bright as long ones. They are neater and perfect for those who are simply uncomfortable with long nails. With short nails it might be difficult to achieve forms like a stylet or a soft square, but on the other hand an oval or almond shape will look just right. The advantage of short Christmas nails is that they are more durable and do not interfere with everyday life as much, as long nails do.

 christmas nails short

3. Cute Christmas nails are a versatile option. This is a kind of a manicure, where there are no heavy details. Mostly light colors, cute stickers or drawings are used to create a cute nail design. In the case of Christmas nails, there are so many different things that can be added to the nails: Christmas hat, Santa Claus, snowmen, Christmas decorations, garlands, coniferous branches and much more. The general idea is accuracy.

 christmas nails cute

4. Winter Christmas nails. You can come up with a festive design for your nails as much as you like. But what if you want to match the season? We already have a fresh article about winter nails relevant in 2022. Check it out if you want to have a full picture of winter nail designs. If you prefer cold and neutral tones for your nails, if Christmas colors are too bright and you want to look more elegant than festive then pick one of our 30 winter nail designs all combined in one article.

Returning to the color, let’s get to white Christmas nails. There is nothing purer than white. It is the main color of the season if you live in northern region It is highly associated with snow and cold. White patterns on the nails will look elegant and beautiful. The most popular option is a drawing of snowflakes. But you can come up with something of your own, for example, flower petals or a frosty window. Unlike red or green Christmas nails, these will be more majestic and even royal.

A beautiful nail design will brighten up the gray and white monotony of your winter days. And indeed, it will. Trendy Christmas nails season starts now, so keep up and create your own special nail design.

 winter christmas nails

Christmas nail shape

An equally important detail. And perhaps one of the most important. We will meet the top 5 main types of nails shapes and briefly describe each of them, so that you can choose the right one. Then don’t miss our tips on how to apply different Christmas nail designs to certain nail shapes.

1. Almond shape. This is a neat, rounded type of nail shape. It is quite durable even on long nails that are more prone to damage than short ones. With this shape, they are less likely to break. The almond shape is quite versatile in terms of nail design. Almost all colors and materials that you can find are suitable for this shape. And here is an example of simple Christmas nails almond shaped:

 christmas nails almond

2. Oval shape. This one is considered the most "basic" shape of all. It's literally an oval. There are no sharp edges or clinging tips here. It is very resistant in daily life and can be used for any nail design. Pure "classic". Hands with oval nails look very neat and feminine, because there are no extraordinary elements here. This design makes the fingers look longer. And this is how it will look, for example, with red Christmas nails:

 christmas nails oval

3. Round shape. Another conservative option. It is well suited for those who cannot afford to have long nails. First, the nails are given a square shape, after which the sharp edges are undermined with a nail file. Round nails are the easiest to care for. By the way, this is the perfect choice for short Christmas nails:

 christmas nails oval

4. Square shape. One of the most sustainable shapes. The nail is hard to break due to its strong shape (the tip of the nail will not be as thin as, for example, in the almond-shaped version). The square is best for long fingers. Check out this good example of simple Christmas nails on square shaped nails:

 christmas nails square

5. Soft square shape. This is perhaps the most popular option. Due to its versatility, it fits any finger shape. With this type you can choose almost any design. It looks like a square, but with slightly rounded edges. "Soft square" is quite gentle. It is perfect for white Christmas nails:

 christmas nails soft square

Important! When you choose the shape of your nails, always pay attention to your fingers. There is a very simple principle here: long thin fingers = oval or almond-shaped nails that emphasize elegance and femininity. Short plump fingers = moderately long, elongated or square nails. They will visually make your fingers thinner, especially if the tone is chosen correctly.

Materials for nail extension

There are several variations of nail extensions. The first one – according to the material used: the top two are acrylic and gel. Then – according to the method of extension - with tips or forms. When choosing between acrylic and gel, you need to know their distinctive features and common features.

The gel is a hypoallergenic material. It can be liquid, thick or solid, it quickly takes the desired shape and greatly simplifies the work of the master. It is odorless, has a "glass" effect and retains a glossy sheen. The only problem is that gel polish is very difficult to remove. It freezes too hard. Therefore, it might harm the health of the nail plate. A clear advantage of gel nails is a quick extension (the gel hardens very quickly, which saves you a lot of time). The gel is strong enough. It does not dissolve in chemicals found in household cleaning products. Therefore, it is well suited for housewives.

Acrylic Christmas nails are another manicure option besides gel polish. Acrylate is a combination of liquid monomer and powder, when these two elements are mixed, the create a substance that hardens in heat. This reaction is called polymerization. Unlike gel polish, acrylic nails are easy to remove. To do this, it is enough to place them in a special removing solution. If the acrylic nail is broken, then it can be restored, “repaired”. Acrylic is incredibly flexible. With it, you can create almost any design. Therefore, acrylic Christmas nails are more versatile than gel nails. Keep in mind that acrylic nails are initially matte, but this can be easily fixed with a glossy finish. This is what acrylic Christmas nails might look like:

christmas nails acrylic

How to combine Christmas nails with clothes and jewelry?

Do not forget that manicure is just a part of the look. Therefore, attention should be paid not only to nails, but also to other elements. For example, clothes, makeup or jewelry. By the way, many women choose nail polish to match the color of lipstick, or the color of their eyes, or the color of a new scarf. Others pick up all of the above for a manicure. It all depends on your priorities.

First of all, note that trendy Christmas nails are very diverse. Due to their great range of variations, they will suit any look and outfit. Can't choose an outfit that goes beautifully with your nails? It is worth paying attention primarily to the color of the polish and the design. Pastel and monochrome are the most versatile options that look great with absolutely anything. We recommend choosing them if it is difficult to make a choice.

There are colors that go well with any other color. For example, black, gray, white, beige. If you decide to go to a Christmas event in an evening dress, then a neutral color is ideal even for it.

christmas nails how to combine

For a more harmless, "homemade" look, red or green Christmas nails are suitable. Classic. With various stickers or patterns, glitter or candy print. They go great with Christmas sweaters and warm winter clothes. Make your look cozy.

Alternatively, you can cover your nails with gel polish of the color that prevails in the outfit. If you have pale blue clothes, then your nails can also be blue. You can add some other color to the manicure so that the image does not seem too monotonous. This will show that you have thoroughly approached the choice of nails and clothes.

Let's take a look at the time of year. In this case, it's winter. You can put an emphasis on purple, silver, cherry or gray shades in clothes. In this case, almost any Christmas manicure that was mentioned in this article will look beautiful.

Important! Before choosing Christmas nails, you can read a little about color theory. Because the combination of shades is the main thing you should pay attention to when choosing your nail design and clothes. Suppose you have chosen hot pink nails. This color is considered quite "capricious", as it clearly emphasizes skin imperfections. In this case you will have to choose the outfit that draws attention back on you. For example, lilac will be more versatile. Clothes of delicate shades like mint, menthol or rose will complement the look.

 christmas nails with clothes

What about decorations? Let's pay attention to the type of jewelry. If you have beautiful earrings or a pendant with a sparkling stone, then you can do your nails in the same color. Red nails for ruby, green for emerald, and purple for amethyst. Earrings and neck jewelry are quite far away from the hands. Therefore, the colors in this case will not look “too much”.

It is worth paying attention to the metal. Or rather, what shade it is. If neutral, nude nails look beautiful with almost any decoration. With brighter colors it can be more difficult. Gold and silver are the richest option that will emphasize the elegance of the outfit. With gold, warmer shades like red look beautiful. With silver, it is best to opt for cold tones. Neutral colors go well with both.

christmas nails bijouterie

Coco Chanel said that "hands are the hallmark of a woman." Therefore, you can decorate your fingers with rings that would complement your Christmas nails.

If you want to choose a harmonious manicure for rings, then French is the most versatile option. But besides it, there are many other designs.

For example, if you have rings with precious stones, then it is better not to pile up the manicure with a lot of details. In this case, it will look too "heavy".

If there are a lot of colorful elements on your Christmas nails, then it is best to take rings with a modest number of stones or no stones at all. Just metal will do. Perhaps some unusual shape (if you want variety).

What about the number of accessories? The same principle applies here. The brighter the nails are, the less accessories needed on your fingers and wrists. Do not overdo it.

christmas nails rings

Christmas Nail Options 2022

We’ve got to the most interesting part, right? It is much easier to just look the pictures and choose than to read long explanations. Therefore, scroll and enjoy:

 classy christmas nails

 christmas nails24

 christmas nails aesthetics

 christmas nails ideas

 christmas nails options 

Christmas is near. Soon it will snow (and somewhere it is already decorating the streets). Warm light from the windows will once again warm the streets, you will brew a mug of hot cocoa and look at the dance of snowflakes.

We all want to look amazing on this incredible holiday. We want to please our loved ones and ourselves, we want a little magic in this winter fairy tale. After all, the cold will pass, and only warm memories will remain.

Wrap your future memories in a pleasant look.

Embellish your outfit with a beautiful Christmas manicure.



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