Couple necklaces as a sign of your affection for each other

To denote their love, people use different pairs of things or wear the same or matching design clothes. One of these “paired” items can be a piece of jewelry in the form of a necklace, which will remind you of your partner, even when he or she is not around. Couple necklaces aren't just for couples in love. They can be worn even by close friends, parents with their children or, for example, brothers and sisters. Couple necklaces are a symbol of your spiritual closeness and affection for each other. Often such necklaces are given to your partner for a wedding, anniversary and any other events that connect two hearts. 

Couple necklaces are a great choice for any budget and even without a reason. Such a gift will help show your feelings for your partner and present them to the whole world in a very delicate way. Such jewelry can serve as a confession of deep feelings, or just an insignificant trinket that can complement any look.

couple necklaces

How to choose, meanings and types of couple necklaces

Where should you start choosing paired jewelry? First of all, let's define the reason. If you want to show a person that he or she occupies a certain place in your life, then name pendants and necklaces in the form of hearts or rings fastened together are ideal. If you have already decided for sure that you will be together for many, many years, then this is a reason to take the choice of products seriously and order something special, selected from expensive and reliable materials. In simpler situations, for example, in a case of a best friend, you can purchase simple chains around the neck that can be worn on an everyday basis.

meanings of couple necklaces

Thus, depending on the situation, couple necklaces can have completely different purposes. Therefore, in many cases, symbolism will be appropriate: «I bought us these paired medallions in the form of a four-leaf clover, so that we always remember how lucky we are to have each other.» Or: «you found the key to my heart, and now I want the whole world to know about it.» Or: «these pendants in the form of signs of infinity will mean our eternal love for each other.» In this case, any shape or a type of a necklace will work as long as it has a certain meaning.

The option with names or initials remains popular. This type of jewelry will fit for those who are ready to take the choice of couple necklaces more seriously. Personalized pendants, chokers or beads – all this can be a manifestation of care towards a partner. And it will show how attentive you are to this connection that you have and how much it means to you.

couple initials

There are many different types of couple necklaces. The most popular are two identical pieces of jewelry that symbolize your couple.
Then there are complementary necklaces, fastened together into a single image.
And some unusual ones, for example, couple necklaces with magnets that come together when you get close to each other.

types of couple necklaces

Paired necklace materials

Apart from the style and concept of the selected jewelry, the material also plays a role. It will emphasize the importance of the gift and give it an additional meaning. For example, gold and silver couple necklaces can mean purity of love, accuracy in relation to a partner. Custom made epoxy pendants will show that you have paid attention to your couple's preferences. More precious options in the form of diamonds will make it clear your serious attitude and desire to stay together for a long time. Elegant choker necklaces made of unusual shades of metal can emphasize the images of both people if they decide to stick to one concept.

couple necklaces materials

Couple necklaces will always remain relevant. They will not only go out of fashion, but out of your hearts too. To please your loved ones, you just need to show them how close you are and how much you want to be there. Couple necklaces are a great choice for everyone.



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