Diving Into The Diverse World Of Necklaces

Ladies love necklaces for a reason as they can make their neck look longer and their silhouette more slender, as well as highlight their chin line. One just has to choose the right collier model.

What kind of necklace will suit you most?

A long necklace is suitable for short-necked women contributing to their elegance and grace. A feather-light chandelier piece enhances a neck that is beautiful even without any tricks. A choker necklace is the best to complement the attires showing one’s shoulders and a deep décolleté area while long items go well with closed dresses.

Popular necklace trends this season

Undoubtedly, chunky jewelry is still fashionable and can make a key element of your look. These models are generously adorned with stones, crystals, and beads perfectly matching laconic monochromic outfits.

ethnic necklace1

The ethnic style enjoys similar popularity. You may combine such necklaces with hippie clothes not forgetting to be moderate with it; otherwise, people will take you for a “flower child”. Bizarre patterns and color combinations are the most peculiar features of ethnic accessories.


pearl necklace1

Multi-layered pearl necklaces are currently one of the hottest options, especially when embellished with an extraordinary clasp of the brooch type. One should wear them openly, revealing the neck and the décolleté line. This trendy accessory can be put above the collar of a shirt, blouse, or dress.

Peculiarities and advantages of various necklace types

Famous necklace types vary in their length and shape, clasp options, and how close they are worn to the neck. Their central parts are beads, medallions or talismans, precious stones, or tassels. Typically, a necklace is an elite and artistic piece of jewelry, quite often with a unique design.

To create an attractive and stylish look, a fashion-lover does not have to buy expensive gem jewelry in gold or silver. Alternative bijouterie flaunts excellent items that frequently compete with precious materials in appearance. Trendy clothes are easy to match with a necklace to enhance your inimitable beauty.

Airy necklace

airy necklace1

An airy necklace is a beaded item resembling a cloud. Separate beads look as if “hang” on the ends of the string. To crochet such necklaces, artisans utilize the air loop technique. Tight stitches fix beads on a colored string of average thickness giving extra volume to the item. It can be crafted from monochromic or colorful beads.

 Collar necklace

collar necklace1

The word “collar” speaks for itself. The shortest necklace is only 32 cm long. A pearl and gem item in gold embraces the neck high. This jewel is the best to complement costume clothes, a décolleté evening gown, and an exquisite hairstyle.

Wide choker necklaces are rather similar to collar necklaces in their design. This type is extremely popular with celebrities and aristocracy all over the world.

 Boho necklace

boho necklace

The Europeans borrowed this style from nomadic Gypsy tribes. It unites romanticism and freedom inspiring to bring to life even the boldest dreams. The necklace is an integral part of a boho look. This is an item with an extraordinary fancy pattern that can hardly remain unnoticed. It can pair different materials in the least expected way, with most frequent combinations of flowers and leather, wood, and metal. The icon of style is a multi-layered necklace falling below the bust and reaching the waistline.


Big necklace

The “plastron” is the biggest necklace that translates from French as “bust cover”. Thus, it covers the front part of the neck and bust. Its design patterns convey ethnic motifs.

On invisible string

Only a thin string is considered invisible, not more than 0.5 mm thick. It gathers metal pendants with stones glowing each in its own way as if unattached.

Name necklace

name necklace

This gorgeous necklace is a golden or silver chain with a pendant reading the name of its recipient. It consists of rather big letters that are cast in an artistic or elaborate font. They are decorated with small stones or other metal types. Name necklace makes an exquisite gift idea for your friend, lover, or family member.

 Soutache necklace

soutache necklace

The soutache (soutage) technique combines chic and glow of natural stones in silk cord framing. Small parts of felt and leather are sewn from the backside with mono thread to fix beads and stones properly. The elegant silky soutache cord is folded several times creating intricate patterns and contributing to the unparalleled necklace style.


 Chandelier necklace

chandelier necklace1

One of the most popular types of this necklace is en esclavage. It is composed of several chain rows or a fabric stripe tightly fitting to the neck. (Esclavage is the French word for “slavery”.) The item is embellished with stone pendants, the lowest one lying in the neck dimple. The esclavage necklace was popular with the French women in the baroque and rococo periods ideally complementing chic off-shoulder attires with fluffy skirts.


 Claspless necklace

The claspless necklace is the trendiest item nowadays spotted on music celebs like Celine Dion and Miley Cyrus.

The longest type of this collier is the lasso that makes three or more rows around the neck. It is an ordinary hoop of colored metal or leather to be worn unfastened. Its ends are embellished with gemstones or otherwise, to best bring out one’s style.



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