Increase Your Level Of Energy With Gemstone Bracelets

In the general run of things, bracelets are considered to beautify the person's look and bring a special accent to the outfit. And what if the bracelets can heal you by leaking into your body in the literal sense. It sounds too good to be true but gemstone bracelets break all the stereotypes. Such a precious type of jewelry creates a special field of energy around your hand, wrist, and arm. Thus its healing energy radiates into your body and increases your overall health. Sometimes the gemstones' spirit can enter the energy channels and meridians around your wrist and impact your body. The jewelry can be used for spiritual or healing practices as well. Because the gemstone bracelets are multifunctional accessories, they cover a lot of spheres in human life: from health and mental care to traditions and beliefs. Read this extensive piece of work and discover the most essential themes about gemstone bracelets: their centuries-old history, variety of types, trends in wearing, and healing functions.

What is a Gemstone bracelet?

This special and well-known type of accessory is made of gemstone beads. Depending on the material, the bracelets are available in all possible colors. Every type of gemstone has special properties thus wearing it is a meaningful process. Some of the bracelets, like Green Jade, radiate powerful energy when worn in pairs. Putting this jewelry on the right and left wrists simultaneously doubles the gemstones' potential and distributes it equally over the wearer's body. If you have only one bracelet the side of its wearing does also matter. You would better put the gemstone accessory on your left wrist as it is closer to the heart and generally the left side is more receptive to new energy. But if you feel that your right side needs an additional source of liveliness, don't hesitate to make it stronger. Gemstone bracelets also form a unique type of powerful accessory - chakra bracelets. Being such comprehensive jewelry, these bracelets have a very eventful history.

Gemstone bracelets history

Gemstone bracelets began their way even before the written language or spoken word had originated. They were the first evidence of a primitive man's spiritual want. People found the first gemstones when they were looking for food through gravel. Primitive men didn't recognize their unique value and didn't know how to wear them. The growth of the importance of the jewelry sphere was accelerating fast during ancient times in Egypt. The Egyptians used to decorate their accessories with colorful gemstones. Carnelian, quartz, jasper, malachite, and turquoise were the most liked types of gems among the Egyptians. Speaking about the color, ancient people identified their status with the accessories made in blue color. People discovered the healing properties of gemstones in the middle ages. Accessories made of gems could heal any kind of illness. In the Victorian era, such gemstones like carnelian, sardonyx, and agate decorated the royal brooches. These days everyone can wear the gemstone bracelet and attach special spiritual meaning to it.

Gemstone bracelets types

As the variety of gems is immense, they can be formed in any type of bracelet: from multiple bangles to charm bracelets. It relates to bracelet design as well. Almost every wristband can be decorated with gems and that is why we will cover only the latest gemstone bracelets for men and women.

Round Gemstone bracelet

This is a usual round bracelet that can be filled with any type of gem. Such an accessory can be made of rose, white, yellow gold, silver, and stainless steel. The secret is hidden behind your fantasy: its design is up to your choice.

round gemstone bracelet

Multicolored Gemstone bracelet

Are you looking for a sparkling accent for your outfit? A multicolored gemstone bracelet is a perfect match. The thing is that this type of bracelet will be an outstanding complement to every kind of affair. These accessories look especially gorgeous when made of brilliants and sapphires.

multicolored gemstone bracelet

Silver Gemstone bracelet

Gems ideally fit sterling silver and that is white bracelet lovers adore their precious combination. The wristband can be decorated with gems in multi-color or a single one. This special piece of jewelry is simple and luxurious at the same time so you will never lose if you choose a silver gemstone bracelet.

silver gemstone bracelet

Charm Gemstone bracelet

If you still think that gems exist only as beads you are wrong. They create a variety of charms that jewelers add to the main bracelet. Here you can fantasize about the gems' size and design as you wish. You can also combine gem charms with other types of charms and make a unique accessory.

charm gemstone bracelet

Amethyst Gemstone bracelet

Being liked by many, the amethyst gemstone bracelet catches attention with its purple color. It is light and soft so it can suit both romantic evening and ceremonial wear. Moreover, amethyst is one of the most precious stones that highlight the wearer's status and wealth.

amethyst gemstone bracelet

Citrine Gemstone bracelet

Citrine gems are almost transparent and they create a special feeling of the ocean on your wrist. Such a bracelet can be worn for an evening walk or a beach accessory.

citrine gemstone bracelet

Agate Gemstone bracelet

This type of accessory is more practical in wearing than one with brilliants and sapphires. Because agate is available in black color, it can be suitable for men. Agate gemstone bracelet creates a perfect match with citrine but you can easily add any other type of gem as well.

agate gemstone bracelet

Tips for wearing Gemstone bracelets

Although a gemstone bracelet is a versatile piece of jewelry, nevertheless you should know some ideas of how to combine it with your outfit. There are no rigorous standards for wearing gems thus the choice is up to you. Find some creative and suitable ideas beneath and make up your exceptional outfit.

Find your everyday Gemstone bracelet

We all want to be unique and the only way to show our exceptional nature is to create a personal brand. A well-chosen gemstone bracelet will help you to stand out from the crowd. As you plan to wear the jewelry daily, you should consider variants of gems that can withstand frequent wearing. In other words, the gems should be practical. You would rather avoid wearing precious stones like brilliants and sapphires as they are very delicate. Choose something from beaded bracelets with quartz, agate, obsidian, etc.

Add a delicate accent with Gemstone bracelets

Although gemstone bracelets are a star in the show, you should not spot special attention on them. Preparing for an elegant outfit, try to pick up one bracelet that will attract people to make an extra look at you. Exquisite gemstone bracelets can fit business meetings, first dates, and all important events. Compliment your desire to impress with amethyst, carnelian, malachite, rhodonite, or any other stylish gems.

add a delicate accet with gemstone bracelets

Make a vintage look with Gemstone bracelets

As the tendency to turn to old age is quite popular nowadays, the accessories should also fit that epoch. Thus your look should be orientated on a vintage-inspired gemstone bracelet. Modern designers recommend wearing square-cut, big, and colorful gemstone jewelry. Such combinations can be used for theme parties or just as a part of your tasteful personality.

make a vintage look with gemstone bracelets

Mix colors in Gemstone bracelets

As stated by Chicago Tribune, colors help to identify the personalities, their intentions and even prevent committing suicides on the streets of Japan. Then why not express yourself through the colorful gemstone bracelet? For example, you can put on a red gemstone bracelet for a meeting as a symbol of power, and a green one when seeking vitality and a fresh start. Moreover, the color should not be the same as the whole outfit. It can be different but match the clothes' color scheme.

mix colors in gemstone bracelets

Combine Gemstone bracelets with pearls

Pearls by themselves are a central piece in the jewelry world. But adding them to a gemstone bracelet will never be the wrong choice. They will make gems look softer and lighter. When mixed, such a bracelet will suit everyday affairs and exceptional events.

combine gemstone bracelets with pearls

Gemstone bracelets healing functions

As discussed previously, gemstone bracelets also possess healing functions. Each type of stone is responsible for its own specific protective function. Except the jewelry provides you with an additional source of energy, it can also heal your karma if used appropriately. Discover for you the main healing functions of the most popular gemstone types.

  • Amethyst: This rare and expensive gemstone represents calm. Its extremely sophisticated purple color reduces stress, calms the mind, and puts anxiety away from your mind.
  • Rose quartz: As a very precious and tender gemstone, rose quartz symbolizes unconditional love. It radiates feminine energy and embodies romantic vibes. Rose Quartz opens the heart chakra for all kinds of love: self-love, platonic love, and family love.
  • Labradorite: Presented in a greyish-green color, this gemstone stands for wisdom. By wearing it you will increase the level of intuition and banish fears. Labradorite is believed to give you the power and control your future.
  • Amazonite: For those who seek hope, Amazonite will be the best solution. The theory says that its name came from the Amazonian women who were very brave and powerful. It also represents communication, honor, trust, and truth. Amazonite hides electromagnetic pollution from its wearer.
  • Diamond: We all know diamond gemstones for their high quality and luxurious nature. Thus the diamond's function is to embody determination and strength of character.
  • Aquamarine: Aquamarine comes from Latin ''aqua marina'' and means ''sea water''. In ancient times, aquamarine was the treasure of the mermaids. Obviously, it represents faithfulness, peacefulness, and serenity. If you are into beach vibes, then aquamarine can be your best choice.
  • Jade: In ancient China, people wore Jade to protect themselves from evil and injury. Because Jade is believed to be a living thing, it heals the human body and spirit. This gemstone also indicated the wearer's status.
  • Sapphire: These precious stones conquer the hearts of even queens. The sapphire was noticed in Kate Middleton's engagement ring. Wearing sapphire bracelets symbolizes loyalty, royalty, joy, and peace.
  • Citrine: Being a birthstone for the Scorpio zodiac, these yellow gemstones bring prosperity, wealth, and abundance to the owner's life. In more modern meaning citrine contributes to increased success and generosity.
  • Moonstone: As the name suggests, moonstone is responsible for magical power. In ancient times, travelers used to take pieces of moonstone to protect themselves from evil. Now it stands for wisdom and magic.

Benefits of wearing Gemstone bracelets

The list of gemstone bracelets' useful functions is endless and the whole book wouldn't be enough to cover it. To summarize the key aspects, we will briefly comment on the reasons why you need to have a gemstone bracelet in your accessory collection.

They connect

Needless to say, such ancient jewelry has a direct connection to our ancestors. That is why gems bring the greatest spiritual achievements from the earliest times to our days.

They heal

Almost every kind of psychological illness can be cured with gemstones' magical properties. People wear them to increase vital energy, the level of wealth, and overall health.

They cleanse

Gemstones cleanse the body from fears and worries and open the chakras. If cared for properly, the bracelets will never lose their power.

They determine

Wearing a gemstone bracelet means that you will always see it and remember your deep feelings, purposes, and intentions.

They serve

Gemstone bracelets can be a great practical tool for spiritual activities. They tune you for the right energy direction and set you up for spiritual work. This jewelry provides therapeutic benefits and thus counting mantras or affirmations will be many times more effective. You can also put the bracelet on the area where you feel the tension and it will calm it.


Indeed, gemstone bracelets are a treasure for accessories connoisseurs. It is one of the few types of bracelets that can heal your body and cleanse your mind. A wide range of gemstones types will not leave anyone indifferent and that is why everyone will find his perfect gemstone bracelet. We hope that you have already chosen your favorites and are ready to level your positive energy up.



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