Choose Chakra Bracelets to Keep Your Energies in Balance

The human body is a combination of physical and emotional dimensions which are tightly connected and enable us to live in harmony. Our subtle body (psychological, emotional, mind, non-physical) consists of energy channels connected by nodes of psychic energy called chakra. It’s believed that there are seven major and 88,000 additional chakras throughout the subtle body. Main chakras are usually depicted in rainbow colors. This bright representation of key energy channels found its place in the jewelry industry, especially bracelets. It is the most convenient way to activate the subtle body and imbalance physical, spiritual, and emotional energy. Keep reading to find more about Chakra bracelets.

What is a Chakra bracelet?

A Chakra bracelet is a powerful accessory able to activate your natural energy circle. It courses through your body from the base of your spine and to the top of your head. Chakra means wheel in Sanskrit that is an illusion to the "wheel" of energy in the body. Chakra bracelets can be worn irrespective of gender both by men and women of all ages. Seven natural stones representing the seven energies need to be activated for the sake of the wearer. They help maintain the perfect mix of tranquility, mental calmness, and clearness. Each stone possesses unique healing properties corresponding to a particular chakra from root to crown. This bracelet will help you to be full of energy and have positive emotions.

Some believe that only experienced meditators can benefit from a Chakra bracelet, but this idea is not true. Any person willing to unravel their natural energy can acquire this accessory and enjoy wearing it. However, it’s necessary to do several steps to activate the energy flow. You should put on a bracelet and close your eyes, focusing on your feelings and emotions. Then, people see a white spot and concentrate their minds on this object. It’ll be the first step to revealing your chakra. Try to learn to pay attention to what you need and feel to balance different elements of your body and soul. Move on, and you will discover more compelling data.

Types of Chakra bracelets

Tantric Buddhism and Hinduism accessories appeared a long time ago, but they are still popular in our times even when technological progress makes people step aside from ancient beliefs. We consider a Chakra bracelet both as a fashion item and a cultural token with powerful energy. You can wear it on a daily basis and benefit from its exceptional properties. And here is their brief classification that will facilitate your choice and enrich knowledge about the Chakra bracelet's diversity.

Macrame Chakra bracelet

A practical accessory type will match any outfit and style, revealing your inner energy, balancing it with the outer world. Macrame bracelets are in vogue and perfect for stacking with other pieces so that you can imply your creativity. We have a vibrant collection of macrame bracelets where you can familiarize yourself with their beauty and uniqueness.

macrame chakra bracelets

Link Chakra bracelet

Romantic summer outfits will be perfectly complemented with a link Chakra bracelet containing multicolored stones. Link accessories freely hang off your wrist, not stunning your motion. Balance your mind, body, and spirit with a link Chakra bracelet.

link chakra bracelets

Onyx Chakra bracelet

With onyx stones, you will acquire powerful vibrations of protection, strength, focus, and willpower. Its deep black color contrasts with vibrant rainbow chakra stones making a fabulous match. Put on a bracelet with any looks you like, and positive energy will enter your life.

onyx chakra bracelets

Charm Chakra bracelet

A Chakra bracelet complimented with a charm bears an additional meaning and brings you closer to the desired goal. You can choose gold, silver, or platinum charms with precious stones that will create a gorgeous look. It’d be great to give it as a present for a person you love so that they feel your care and attention. Different charm shapes symbolize a person's identity or aim. Find what you like the most and harmonize your energy flows.

charm chakra bracelets

Chakra-opening stack

You can get seven different Chakra bracelets and make a stunning stack. Choose accessories with small beads made of natural stones to have an attractive, stylish look. Read the article to learn how to stack jewelry pieces properly.

chakra-opening stack

Chakra color and stones

We know that chakras have corresponding colors, and now you’ll discover which stone is associated with each chakra. This knowledge will help you to control the energy within your body and get lacking elements from the outside world. To make this bracelet work, you need to share positive vibes with others and love the world.

  • The crown chakra - purple: Lastly, Diamonds, Clear Quartz, and Amethyst
  • TheThird eye chakra - dark blue: Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli, and Labradorite
  • Thethroat chakra - blue: Blue Agate, Sodalite, Turquoise
  • The Heart Chakra - gree: The Jade, Rose Quartz and Unakite
  • TheSolar Plexus chakra - yellow: the Tiger's Eye, Hessonite, Zincite, and Citrine
  • TheSacral Chakra - orange: Sunstone, Amber, Moonstone, Carnelian, and Chalcedony
  • TheRoot chakra - red: Garnet, Red Jasper, Black or Red Onyx, Pyrite, and Hematite

Benefits of wearing a Chakra bracelet

Most people with energetic blocks don't realize how they can restore themselves. A Chakra bracelet is a powerful accessory that activates chakras. It possesses subtle healing properties able to channel your entire body through a series of changes. Do not hesitate to imbalance your life and get rid of long-lasting issues. There are many situations where you can use a bracelet; for example, to solve or ameliorate real-life issues like addictions, mental instability, heart diseases, alcoholism, pains, and other health-related issues. With a chakra bracelet, a person becomes more optimistic and happy. Imbue your life with energy, as this accessory is not only a healing item. Read the article on Healing bracelets to take advantage of natural stones' properties.


Anyone can wear a Chakra bracelet when undergoing problems, low energy, or simply for pleasure and adornment. Positive energy is all around us, and all you need is to know how to embrace your internal energy with the external. Our mind can control the body and emotions, so learn how to control your energy properly. Once you manage to do that, the results will be impressive.



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