Jelly Bracelets - A Major Throwback To The Early 2000s

Remember wearing flexible, colorful bracelets on your wrist as a kid or teenager? Those were jelly bracelets, also known as gel bracelets, which we will discuss today. Get ready for some nostalgia!

What is a jelly bracelet?

A gel bracelet is an accessory made of silicone; it has no clasp and boasts a wide range of colors. There are gel bracelets with either a rectangular or a circular basis; both variations meld into a closed loop.

1980s jelly bracelets

People first saw these bracelets in the 1980s, whereas the second wave of jelly bracelets’ popularity struck in the early 2000s. However, this type of embellishment is restoring its fame today.

The accessory was widely worn by kids and teenagers who appreciated the lightweight bracelet with an extraordinary appearance. Pupils worldwide were crazy about jelly bracelets and put them on to fit in and attract their peers’ attention.

What is the meaning behind jelly bracelets?

Gel bracelets have long been a topic of heated discussion among people of all generations, and that is for a reason.

school teens

In the early 2000s, jelly bracelets became the center of controversy as they were rumored to be "sex bracelets." According to urban legends, different colored jelly bracelets were assigned various sexual acts, such as oral sex, lap dance, or sexual intercourse. The " snap " game involved young people pulling the bracelets off each other's wrists, and the person whose bracelet was snapped was expected to perform the assigned activities. This led to a wave of concern among parents and educators, particularly in elementary, middle, and high schools. Some schools, like those in Florida, even banned the bracelets due to their alleged association with sexual activities. These rumors, however, were largely unfounded and sensationalized. In the UK, similar bracelets were called "shag bands." While they had the same controversial connotations, most young people wore them purely for aesthetic appeal. Despite the negative associations, jelly bracelets have endured as a fun, nostalgic accessory, with many individuals enjoying their vibrant colors and versatility, detached from any provocative meanings.

Although there was no solid evidence to support this theory, many schools throughout the US banned jelly bracelets and prohibited the students from wearing them at school; such actions were to prevent misconduct and students’ disruption from learning. Similarly-negative attitudes toward gel bracelets arose in Britain and Mexico a few years later during the decade.

charity wristbands

Nevertheless, there is a silver lining to the story; jelly bracelets have also been well-received due to their usage to raise charity awareness regarding cancer. Lance Armstrong, an American cyclist, created a line of yellow gel bracelets that people would wear to demonstrate their support toward charitable organizations.

Types of jelly bracelets

Let’s explore the variety of jelly bracelets and the most popular variations of the renowned bracelet. The features gel bracelets share:

  • Weightless accessory great for outdoor activities
  • Waterproof bracelet suitable for swimming

Glitter jelly bracelets

These are extremely fancy jelly bracelets. Anyone willing to have an out-of-the-ordinary outfit should try glitter gel bracelets out!

glitter jelly bracelets

If you aim to breathe new life into your dull old clothing, a whole bundle of sequins will make your outfit stand out. Rest assured; you won’t stay unnoticed with this type of bracelet. Adding some glow to your look will make a fresh contribution to your style, be it a casual outfit or a fancy gown for a special occasion.

Beaded jelly bracelets

beaded jelly bracelet

That’s right, even unconventional gel bracelets can be made in boho style. They will complement your hippy-inspired look and add playful vibrations to the outfit. Slightly pricier options with gemstones are also available to take your outfit to a new level and add some luxury.



Glow In The Dark jelly bracelets

The rapidly developing raving industry requires that we keep up with the trends and implement new kinds of accessories into our night-club routine; jelly bracelets may be a viable solution as multiple bracelet options glow in the dark and make you visible even with the lights off.

glowing jelly bracelets

Great for late-night dancing, glowing bracelets will also come in handy during walks in the evening with your child; the bracelet will let you know what your kid is doing and where they are.

Jelly bracelets with logos

A throwback to the early 2000s when most gel bracelets had some company logo engraved or printed on them, the tendency is coming back, and we are to see more such accessories in the future.

jelly bracelets with logos

Logos of Puma, Nike, Adidas, and many other global sports companies are to be found on gel bracelets. If you’re into sports, why not get one with your favorite brand’s name?

Precious metal jelly bracelets

Although still made of silicone, some gel bracelets are meant to look posher than other alternatives. This can be achieved quite easily, and manufacturers see through the trick. They produce the same old jelly bracelets but of a different color. Rose gold, gold, and silver are known to be best-sellers in the fine jewelry industry, and gel bracelets are no exception.

rose gold jelly bracelet

For instance, a circle jelly bracelet filled with rose-gold glitter will turn your look into a sophisticated outfit; people will immediately learn that you have some exquisite taste!

Jelly bracelets with additional details

jelly bracelets with bow

Want to go extra? Then opt for a bangle with cute tiny bows that would look precious on your baby princess, or take a closer look at bracelets with round-shaped keychains hanging from the accessory’s basis. These may have a variety of cartoon characters depicted on them in case you’re in search of an unusual present for your child.


To sum up, jelly bracelets are enjoyable to wear even in the 21st century. They will make your outfit look more vintage or add elegance with the help of sparkles and great colors.



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