Many fans of Japanese comics remember when the Demon Slayer manga hit store shelves in 2016. The story was so good that the sales of the manga exceeded 3 million copies in the first 2 years. And when the movie adaptation (an anime series based on the manga) was released in 2018 the popularity of the work increased even more. Over the next 3 years more than 150 million copies of the manga were sold and every year the popularity of the mentioned comics only increased.

Such a large-scale popularity of "Demon Slayer" is determined primarily by the wonderful plot of the manga and the vivid memorable images of its characters and of course the main character of the story - Tanjiro Kamado has acquired the most fans attention. Millions of people fell in love with Tanjiro and his image became the topic of many discussions. Is it no wonder that many people wanted to recreate the image of their favorite hero at least partially. And since Tanjiro earrings were the most prominent element of the look the demand for products with the same design has grown enormously. As a result, for several years now Tanjiro earrings (also known as Demon Slayer earrings) have been a bestseller. The buyers of these earrings are not only fans of manga but also just jewelry lovers who are not even aware of the reasons for its popularity.

Tanjiro earrings from Demon Slayer manga

Demon Slayer earrings design

The earrings are a variation of the Hanafuda earrings, but their design (according to the manga's plot) has a unique origin. They are made in the "breath of the sun" style and have been passed down through the generations of the Kamado family for many years.

Demon Slayer earrings feature a decorative piece in the shape of a traditional Japanese Hanafuda playing card. According to some versions (and according to the author) each Tanjiro earring depicts the image of the rising sun with rays diverging in all directions. However, some interpretations indicate that the Demon Slayer earrings depict flowers (the red circle is the center of the flower, and the outgoing lines outline the boundaries of the petals). And below it there’s a gray semicircle with a black stripe at the bottom (with a high probability this image represents a mountain).

Demon Slayer earrings

Interestingly, in the Asian version of the anime, the design of Tanjiro's earrings was slightly changed. The rays of the sun (flower petals) have been removed. Instead, the artists added gray horizontal stripes. The changes were quickly adopted due to the original image's resemblance to the imperial flag of Japan and the possible association (among anime fans) of the symbol used with Japan's aggression during World War II.

You can now find Tanjiro earrings with both designs on sale although the first version (with lines diverging to the sides) is in great demand – due to the greater attractiveness of the design for most buyers as well as to the fact that the image matches the original Demon Slayer manga description.

Demon Slayer earrings design

Varieties of Tanjiro earrings

The sizes of Tanjiro's earrings in the manga and anime can only be guessed. But in real life the Demon Slayer earrings are available in various sizes, so choosing the right option is quite simple. The size basically varies from 70x25 mm to 28x12 mm.

The material of the earrings is also different. There are cheap acrylic Demon Slayer earrings as well as more expensive variations made of silver and other metals. The demand for Tanjiro earrings is high and people's incomes vary so manufacturers create different variations of earrings considering the tastes and financial capabilities.

Tanjiro earrings

Features of wearing Tanjiro earrings

Most Tanjiro earrings are low weighted and can be worn on an ongoing basis. The only exception is large-sized earrings made of heavy metals. It is better to wear them only when necessary - for example when attending special events.

When worn the Tanjiro earrings sway but (thanks to the secure locking mechanism) they don't fall off. Therefore, they must be worn carefully but without unnecessary precautions as well as any other Hanafuda earrings.

Tanjiro earrings design

In terms of wardrobe compatibility, Demon Slayer earrings are a versatile solution. They are suitable for any daily or festive clothing, so the purchase of these earrings is a particularly profitable and practical solution.