Stylish Potara Dragon Ball Z earrings

It's quite common for anime fans to buy jewelry similar to what their favorite characters wear. Therefore, many jewelry manufacturers make a list of popular anime characters and then create earrings, rings, and other items in anime designs.

We have another article about Tanjiro earrings that you might be interested in. Today we will continue this good tradition and talk about Potara earrings. We will dig into the meaning of this jewelry in anime, describe the features of their design, and also talk about situations when wearing these earrings is the most justified decision.

Potara earrings

What are Potara earrings in anime?

The Potara Earrings are special earrings from the "Dragon Ball Z" anime worn by the High Gods and some of their servants. These earrings symbolize the strength and power of the owners. In this case, the effect of wearing earrings can be different. When the Potara earrings are worn by one person (or a divine creature in anime), then they are just a common piece of jewelry.

Everything changes when two people start to wear Potara earrings of the same pair individually (one person wears one piece and the other – the other piece). That’s when they start to be attracted to each other (in a physical way). After the completion of this process, the essences of these people merge together, and their fighting qualities are mutually enhanced. As a result, a new strong entity is formed, combining the knowledge and experience of the former owners of Potara unpaired earrings.

The fusion effect is very powerful, but irreversible. At the same time, a stronger personality dominates in the new body. If the personalities are approximately equal in strength, then the control of the body occurs together, although this happens very rarely.

Thus, intentionally putting on Potara earrings by two people is practiced only in order to gain additional power. With almost 100% probability, the self-consciousness of one of the personalities will be lost (although its knowledge and skills will remain with the formed entity), which means that merging for a weaker person is equal to self-sacrifice. Because of this, the formation of stronger entities with the help of Potara earrings is quite rare.

What are Potara earrings in anime

Potara earrings design

Today, there are several dozen models of Potara earrings on sale, but the most popular are traditional earrings, which appearance completely repeats the design from the anime. These earrings have a round metal clip, to which a small chain (up to 20 mm long) is attached, and the main decorative part of the earring in the form of a yellow ball is attached directly to the chain.

The materials used in manufacturing of Potara earrings vary. For example, fasteners and chains are often made of steel, titanium, gold, or silver, but other metals can also be used. But the pendant element in the form of a yellow ball is usually made of glass, although if you wish, you can buy Potara earrings with a decorative part made of agate or other semiprecious stones.

They also vary by the fastening type and length. Besides the classic ring fastening, you can opt to an earring without a chain. Then a spherical stone or a glass are attached directly to the fastening. And of course, there are many other colors presented on the market, while the most popular are green, orange, red and black (besides the classical yellow). Although the choice is not limited by these options. You can always find unique Potara earrings in many other colors and design variations.

Potara earrings design

When and how to wear Potara earrings?

Potara earrings can be called universal jewelry. They are modest in size, look stylish and concise. Therefore, wearing Potara earrings in pairs is a good option in almost any situation where you do not need to stand out from the crowd. That is, these earrings are well suited for everyday and sportswear. In a number of situations, Potara earrings perfectly complement business suits, and with the proper approach, they can even complete an evening look.

Unpaired wearing of Potara earrings is a great solution for fans of symbolism and just fans of the "Dragon Ball Z" anime. However, in both cases, it makes sense to find a person with similar preferences and use one pair of earrings for two. Moreover, in this case it is advisable to wear Potara earrings on different ears (one person on the left ear, the second on the right). It will look symbolic and beautiful. Especially for those who are aware of the matter.



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