Stone necklaces and their symbolism

Precious and natural stones appeared long before mankind. We all love pretty little things that is why lapis lazuli, fluorite and other stones have not escaped human attention.

Even in ancient times, people used both multi-colored nuggets and ordinary stones from a nearby stream or sea as decorations or trophies. This was before the advent of jewelry. People strung stones on thin ropes or threads, wore such jewelry on their necks, on their wrists or on their clothes. Someone did it just for beauty, but in some cultures, stone jewelry had a symbolic meaning. It persists to this day.

stone necklace

The main element of stone necklaces are crystals or any other natural stones. They can be combined into a full-fledged necklace, but you can limit yourself to one crystal (such pendants look esoteric and attractive). As a rule, there is also a metal frame where the crystal is inserted. Therefore, you can replace one stone with another according to your mood, desire, or depending on the lunar cycle (for some crystals, this has a special meaning in symbolism). Another method for creating stone necklaces is to drill through stones. Then a metal rod is inserted into them, and a chain is attached. Pendants can be made of completely different materials: sterling silver, stainless steel, gold or white gold, various alloys of aluminum and other metals.

crystal necklace 

Types of stone necklaces, or how people made crystals universal

Currently, there are a huge number of types of neck jewelry: chains, necklaces, pendants, medallions, chokers and much more. The versatility of crystals lies in the fact that any type of neck jewelry can contain a piece of crystal. Amethyst, agate, jasper - all of them will be quite harmoniously combined in jewelry both with other materials and with each other.

Stone chokers are a short, neat decoration. Pebbles are strung on a thin thread, or fastened with a chain, or a small rope. It gracefully wraps around the neck and does not take up much space on the body. The best option for a choker would be small pebbles. For example, rose quartz, malachite or white jade.

crystal choker

Beads made of stones are much more massive and noticeable than other types of necklaces. This is exactly the accessory that is associated either with something esoteric, or with something rich and respectable. Sapphires, labradorite and other natural gems in the form of balls are usually used in this classic style stone necklaces.

bead necklace

Pendants and necklaces made of stones are perhaps the most diverse of all the types mentioned. Depending on the number and size of stones, the necklace can be either massive or simple. Pendants, on the other hand, are limited to only one crystal, made in a certain form (or, conversely, the crystal remains in its original appearance). Some stones can be combined into a chain for such a pendant. The advantage of the pendant is that almost any of the currently existing stones can be inserted into it. For example, lapis lazuli, ophalite, African bloodstone or amethyst.

stone pendant

The symbolic meaning of crystals in necklaces

In addition to visual characteristics, stone necklaces can carry a special meaning for their wearer. Many people buy pendants with certain crystals. They believe that this particular crystal will provide the necessary energy, so they choose it.

For example, it is believed that amethyst brings strength, courage and peace to the wearer. This stone is associated with peace and tranquility. Previously, people believed that amethyst relieves drunkenness. Aquamarine allegedly helped sailors. It was believed that it brings good luck at sea. Garnet promotes emotional well-being and boosts self-confidence. Moonstone jewelry is traditionally used to relieve anxiety, insomnia or depression. Rose Quartz helps heal emotional wounds and keeps your heart open to positive relationships.

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