What makes Hanafuda earrings stand out?

Many countries have special jewelry that not only emphasizes the beauty of people, but also has a certain symbolic meaning. Today we will talk about one of the most popular varieties of this jewelry – Japanese Hanafuda earrings.

Hanafuda earrings are colorful pieces of jewelry that consist of two parts – a metal fastening and a decorative part in the form of a traditional Japanese playing card. These earrings have become popular relatively recently after the release of the Demon Slayer Manga and the anime series. Hanafuda earrings take a big part in the main hero’s look. So it is not surprising that they have become very popular amongst the fans and in a very short time the demand for the mentioned jewelry has increased markedly.

Hanafuda earrings

What does Hanafuda mean?

The very concept of "Hanafuda" was known long before the release of the manga. They have a very entertaining story to tell. It all started with the fact that in the 15th century Japan was visited by the missionary Francis Xavier. He introduced the Japanese to playing cards and entertainment instantly gained popularity. And when later (in the 17th century) cards were banned the Japanese did not agree with this decision and for the sake of disguise they replaced the standard back of cards with counterparts with a colorful design. Images of various animals and plants appeared on the card backs and the game elements themselves began to be called “flower cards”.

Gradually, the names and design of the cards changed (as soon as the authorities banned the next version of the cards the Japanese came up with a new one). The final version also known as "Hanafuda" was created in the 19th century and widely used not only in Japan but also in neighboring countries. Distinctive features of these cards were small sizes and drawings in the form of a variety of plants and animals. It was in honor of these cards that Hanafuda earrings were subsequently named. Their design repeats the shape and patterns of the mentioned playing cards.

Hanafuda cards

Hanafuda earrings types

Hanafuda earrings are presented in a wide range and differ in three parameters – the fastening, the pattern on the card itself and the material. Loops, hooks or stud fasteners are usually used in these earrings. At the same time the card is attached to a ring which means it is not fixed and constantly sways when walking.

The drawings correspond to the traditional design of Hanafuda cards. Depending on the model Hanafuda earrings present images of flowers, plants, animals, birds, as well as various immovable objects (for example, bridges). There are also non-standard variations of earrings depicting geometric shapes and abstractions. In general, there are no strict requirements for the design of the products presented so designers offer quite a few varieties of drawings related to the theme of Japanese culture and even beyond this limitation.

For the manufacture of the cards for Hanafuda earrings acrylic, plastic, glass, wood and some other materials are used. The main requirement for the material is lightness, strength and the ability to give it a thin shape. The clasps are made of metal.

Characteristic features of Hanafuda earrings are bright contrasting colors (mainly white, black and red). Therefore, these earrings are perfect for emphasizing the style of their owner and for adding some brightness to the look. Hanafuda earrings make it easy to stand out from the crowd so the high stable demand for these products is quite natural.

Popular Hanafuda earrings

How to wear Hanafuda earrings?

Hanafuda earrings are characterized by versatility. They look great in combination with most popular types of hairstyles and the earrings are clearly visible even against the backdrop of loose hair. The pattern of earrings should be selected taking into account the features of the applied makeup and the color schemes of the wardrobe items used. At the same time it is not necessary to stick to the Japanese style of clothing. Hanafuda earrings will look great with almost any outfit.



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