What Makes Silver Bangle Earrings Such A Beloved Type of Jewelry?

Experimentation makes our life versatile and fun. Every day is intriguing and exciting when there’s something new and fresh that we try out! Silver dangle earrings are perfect if you seek to implement a new decorative item to your style.

What are dangle earrings?

Dangle earrings make an extremely elegant and charming type of jewelry that every avid earrings wearer should try at least once in their life. These adornments have a prolonged shape with sharp or smooth edges.

classic silver dangle earrings

Designs of dangle earrings also vary to a great extent. They could have circles, starts, geometrical shapes, flowers, or simply diamonds as the main means of decoration hanging down from the basis.

If you are still contemplating whether dangle earrings will look good with your face shape, let us give you some advice on the matter. Earrings with a prolonged shape are the best option for people with round face shape, which means that you have rather wide cheekbones and no sharp features to your face.

The reason dangle earrings make a viable solution for people with round face shape is that they make it look longer and add overall balance to the appearance of your face. Those of our readers with an oval face can also go ahead and purchase a pair of dangle earrings as they will most likely look great on you too.

round face dangle earrings

Generally, there are no rules regarding who can wear dangle earrings and who can’t; it’s all subjective. Remember that it’s only up to you to decide what jewelry you want to wear and if it suits you.

Now, let’s concentrate on one specific type of dangle earrings, that is those made of silver. Sterling silver dangle earrings make top-notch complementation to any type of attire, be it casual style, a romantic outfit, or a formal uniform.

Silver as a material has numerous upsides and benefits. If you want to find out more about them, check out our article about the advantages of silver jewelry.

Types of silver dangle earrings

Let’s discuss various shapes of silver dangle earrings and the peculiarities of each of them.

Rhombus silver dangle earrings

If your face somewhat lacks sharpness, you can compensate by putting on dangle earrings in the shape of a rhombus. Such extraordinary jewelry in your outfit will also make it way edgier and trendier!

rhombus silver dangle earrings

People with round and oval face shapes will especially benefit from wearing rhombus earrings. However, their main advantage is that rhombus dangle earrings made of silver serve as a decent contribution to a fancy outfit and can make your ordinary attire much sassier.

Hoop silver dangle earrings

This is a top-notch jewelry option for those fashion and accessory lovers with a face rich in sharp angles. If you want to smooth out your facial features, adding such curvy and round-shaped earrings to your look should help greatly.

hoop silver dangle earrings

Hoop dangle earrings look elegant and somewhat festive, which makes them a perfect means of self-decoration for a special event. You can easily match these earrings with a refined evening dress or a short cocktail one to set a playful mood.

Circle silver dangle earrings

Another feminine option for a piece of jewelry that you could add to your attire with little to no effort is classic circle earrings. They are well known throughout the world for an exquisite look that they enable you to create by just adding a pair of earrings.

circle dangle silver earrings

Circle dangle earrings made of high-quality silver will become your favorite embellishment after the very first wear. The enchanting look that you can build up with circle earrings will leave other people in love with the atmosphere you’ve created in your outfit.

Chain silver dangle earrings

If you’re looking for discreet adornment that would go perfectly well with literally any item from your wardrobe, extremely trendy chain jewelry will come in handy and make you stand out. Although it is widely believed that the chain design is only used in necklaces and bracelets, it has long been part of the jewelry industry dedicated to earrings.

chain silver dangle earrings

These charming decorative items can serve a whole variety of purposes in your outfit. When matched with thematic and edgy clothing, chain dangle earrings will make your look even edgier. If worn with some romantic attire, chain earrings will bring balance to the look, making it somewhat unexpected and intriguing to discover, at the same time highlighting your artsy personality.

Silver dangle earrings with a unique design

This is your chance to experiment and implement a crazy piece of jewelry into your look with no risk of overdoing it provided that you wear some plain clothes. Designer jewelry, dangle earrings in particular, allow you to be different in a variety of ways.

designer silver dangle earrings

By choosing a certain design of your silver dangle earrings, you also determine the direction you want to move in. Floral motifs will create a romantic outfit, while some skeleton earrings can make it unique and a bit creepy if that’s what you are looking for.

Silver dangle earrings make a highly universal type of jewelry that any person will take advantage of when the right design is chosen to fit a specific outfit. Make sure you pick the best-looking dangle earrings and just let the magic happen!



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