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Silver Star Ornament & Small Beads In Macrame Bracelet by BeYindi

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38.98 USD
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This exquisite silver star ornament dazzles with its intricate design and lustrous finish, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any festive décor. Paired beautifully is the small beads macrame bracelet – an eye-catching accessory that showcases delicate craftsmanship in each knot. The harmonious blend of vibrant colors from the tiny glass beads creates a stunning visual effect on your wrist while providing you endless styling possibilities! Together, these two items make an alluring gift set or personal treat worthy of admiration and appreciation by everyone who lays eyes upon them

ColorRed, Brown, Blue, Green, Black
Jewelry ThemesAstronomical objects, Antique designs
MaterialWaxed cotton, Sterling Silver
ShapeSpiral, Star
Age GroupAdult
OccasionHoliday, For everyday
StyleAdjustable, Macrame
Length180 mm

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Stunning Silver Star: Adds charm; Small beads in bracelet give extra flair
Nancy on 2023-12-25
I recently got my hands on this beautiful bracelet adorned with a silver star ornament and small beads in macrame style. Honestly, its truly stunning! The intricate design showcases the craftsmanship involved. I love how versatile it is - perfect for casual or formal occasions. It adds a touch of elegance to any outfit effortlessly
Stunning Silver Star & Beads Bracelet: perfect for adding a subtle touch of sparkle
Alexis on 2023-11-03
This bracelet is a beautiful piece! The combination of the silver star ornament and small beads in macrame creates an elegant yet trendy look. Definitely worth getting for any jewelry lover looking to add some sparkle to their collection
Shiny star and cute beads - great bracelet
Mannequin on 2023-05-20
Wow, this bracelet is absolutely stunning! The intricate macrame design combined with the beautiful silver ornament and small beads create a perfect look
Lovely bracelet
Linda on 2022-10-20
Lovely bracelet, great service (service, delivery), great price and great quality. I am a satisfied customer haha. Thanks

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