Solar Plexus Chakra Sterling Plain Silver Chain Necklace by BeYindi

Solar Plexus Chakra Sterling Plain Silver Chain Necklace by BeYindi

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This enchanting Solar Plexus Chakra Sterling Plain Silver Chain Necklace is the perfect accessory for those looking to harness their inner power and confidence. Featuring a beautifully crafted pendant with intricate details, this necklace embodies strength, balance, and personal growth. Adorned with vibrant yellow gemstones representing the solar plexus chakra energy center in our bodies - known as Manipura - it helps promote self-esteem and courage while enhancing focus on achieving goals. The delicate yet sturdy silver chain adds elegance making it an ideal gift or treat for yourself

Jewelry ThemesSymbols, Modern, Spiritual
MaterialSterling silver
ShapeTriangle, Flower
Chain TypeCable Chain
Age GroupAdult
OccasionAnniversary, International Women's Day, For everyday
StyleAdjustable, Chain
Length500 mm

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Sunshine vibes: Solar Plexus sparkles with Sterling Silver
Juliana on 2023-09-23
I recently received a beautiful necklace that really caught my eye. I love the simplicity of its design and how it effortlessly adds elegance to any outfit. The sterling silver chain feels sturdy and the pendant looks stunning with its center stone, creating a sense of balance and harmony. Its definitely become one of my go-to accessories
Shiny solar charm, enhancing energy flow. Adds to chic style
Lauren on 2023-06-23
This necklace is perfect for anyone wanting to balance their energy flow in the body. The simple design can be easily worn with any outfit
Nice design
Courtney on 2022-06-12
I really like the design of this necklace. Recently placed an order. I look forward to when I can try on the long-awaited new thing!

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