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Convexed Conical Black Agate Gemstone Pendant 925 Silver by BeYindi

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29.72 USD

This exquisite pendant features a mesmerizing black agate gemstone, masterfully cut into an alluring convexed conical shape. Suspended from a lustrous 925 silver bail, the captivating stone boasts intricate patterns of rich ebony hues and subtle gray swirls that dance across its polished surface. Encased within this enchanting design lies centuries-old stories whispered by Earth`s hidden depths - each curve and contour revealing tales untold. A timeless piece to adorn your neckline with elegance; let it grace any ensemble as you embark on life`s adventures anew

Jewelry ThemesModern, Highly elegant
MaterialAgate, Sterling Silver
Dimensions(wxhxd) 17x39x8 mm
Age GroupAdult
OccasionFormal, Wedding, Anniversary
Total Drop39 mm

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Wow, this pendant rocks! Stunning black agate gem in 925 silver setting
Charlize on 2024-02-11
This pendant looks stunning with its unique black agate gemstone and silver setting. Its definitely an eye-catcher!The conical shape adds a modern touch to this beautiful pendant, making it suitable for any outfit or occasion.I love how the black agate shines in different lighting, creating a mesmerizing effect that will make you stand out from the crowd.Its 925 silver chain complements the overall design perfectly and ensures durability.“With such attention to detail, these intricate patterns on the stone are truly impressive - Craftsmanship at its finest!Whether you wear it casually or for special events, this necklace is versatile enough to elevate your style effortlessly“The contrast between the dark shade of black agate against sterling silver creates an elegant aesthetic“I appreciate how lightweight yet robust this pendant feels when worn – comfortable all day long!“It’s admirable how well-designed each element merges together harmoniously in this timeless piece of jewelry “This luxurious gemstone exudes elegance while embracing simplicity“A definite conversation starter due to its striking form fused with perfect craftsmanshipWith every movement comes a gentle sway of dazzling beauty captured by those aroundA true embodiment of sophistication as light dances across every facet flawlesslyYou wouldnt understand until wearing them personally; they add charm like no other accessories can! Impressive details revealing themselves close up excites curiosity wherever I go, “For someone seeking uniqueness & refined taste- This impeccable accessory ticks off both boxes! “A treasure
Simply stunning: Convexed Conical Black Agate Pendant enhances any outfit
Giselle on 2023-11-01
This pendant is exquisite, the black agate gemstone adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. The silver setting complements it perfectly
A stunning pendant: Convexed Conical Black Agate Gemstone in 925 Silver
Amy on 2023-08-30
This pendant is absolutely stunning! The black agate gemstone in a convexed conical shape gives it an elegant and unique appeal. The 925 silver setting adds durability and enhances its beauty further. A must-have accessory for any jewelry lover
Many thanks to BeYindi
Amanda on 2022-12-07
Many thanks to BeYindi for the opportunity to diversify my looks with such nice additions. All the pendants that I have already ordered here are so high quality that sometimes you want to look at small details on them.

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