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Adorable Black Agate Set In Ornate Silver Sunflower Ring by BeYindi

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This captivating ring features a charming black agate stone set in an intricately designed silver sunflower. Each petal is delicately crafted, showcasing the artisan`s remarkable attention to detail and passion for nature-inspired jewelry. The contrasting colors of deep black and shimmering silver create a striking balance that draws admiration from every angle. With its enchanting allure, this exquisite piece makes an ideal gift or addition to any collection celebrating life`s beauty through wearable artistry

Jewelry ThemesHighly elegant, Floral
MaterialAgate, Sterling Silver
ShapeFlower, Round
Dimensions(wxhxd) 34x27x34 mm
Age GroupTeen, Adult
OccasionParty, Anniversary, International Day of Happiness, Holiday
StyleStatement, Gemstone
Diameter34 mm

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Stunning black agate & silver sunflower ring: pure elegance
Sophie on 2024-02-05
This gorgeous ring features a stunning black agate gemstone set in an intricately designed silver sunflower setting. The contrast of the dark stone against the shiny metal is simply mesmerizing! It’s such a unique and eye-catching piece that will definitely make you stand out. Perfect for adding some elegance to any outfit, whether its casual or dressy. I absolutely love how this ring combines nature-inspired beauty with vintage charm – truly an irresistible combination
Stylish and Chic: Love the black agate set in silver sunflower ring, its simply adorable
Anikka on 2023-11-07
This gorgeous black agate ring with a stunning silver sunflower design is absolutely adorable
Simply stunning! Love the intricate sunflower design with black agate
Sophia on 2023-08-21
This stunning ring features an exquisite black agate stone set in a beautifully detailed silver sunflower design. The combination of the dark gemstone against the intricate metalwork creates a striking contrast, making this piece truly eye-catching. Its elegant and unique, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit. The craftsmanship is outstanding, with attention paid to every little detail from the delicate petals on the sunflower to the smooth finish of the agate stone. This ring would make a wonderful gift or beautiful addition to your own jewelry collection
Ruth on 2022-11-20
Great ring!

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